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Mercury V10 Verado: new 350HP and 400HP outboards unveiled


Mercury V10: new Verado 350 and Verado 400 are the first industry’s 10-cylinder outboards

It is a world premiere in grand style that brings us to discover the brand-new Mercury Verado V10 which, once again, breaks the rules of a market increasingly oriented towards high-horsepower outboards.
This is an important and highly competitive market that Mercury has conquered thanks to very significant investments, succeeding over time in creating a series of new engines that simply cannot be found with other manufacturers’ current offerings.
I am clearly referring to the path that, starting with the launch of the V6 and V8s in 2018, has seen the American company resolutely chart a precise course, punctuated by the introduction of new propulsion units that we all thought would culminate with the 600 V12s, presented last year at the Cannes Yachting Festival.
Yet, surprisingly, the American boating giant surprises again by presenting the new naturally Aspirated 5.7L Mercury V10, available from today in 350 or 400 HP versions.


The all-new Mercury V10 Verado outboards are exactly what boaters have been asking for in a 350 and 400hp platform,” said Chris Drees, Mercury Marine president.They are powerful, smooth and quiet. They have many of the same fuel efficiency-enhancing features that are synonymous with our high-horsepower lineup. They also deliver the same kind of premium boating experience that has made Verado outboards legendary. The V10 Verado outboards solidify Mercury’s leadership position in the high-horsepower outboard market.”

The new Mercury V10 Verado outboards in detail

Aspirated, with a Mercury-V10-Verado-400performance-inspired quad-cam design and class-leading displacement, the new Mercury V10 Verado outboards are specially designed to deliver premium torque and speed performance.

Weighing only 695 pounds, they feature a 150-amp alternator and industry-leading 26-inch mount spacing, which makes them perfect for multi-engine applications or repowering vessels.

The platform’s all-new hydrodynamic gearcase is engineered to improve performance and operating reliability. For the new Mercury V10 Verado, Mercury engineers designed the all-new Revolution X propeller which, equipped with a larger diameter and wider blades, is expected to “discharge into the water” all the torque which these outboards are capable of, providing excellent handling, thrilling acceleration and maximized fuel efficiency.

Equally noteworthy is the improved level of technology and electronics which these new outboards can benefit from. In fact, they feature the advanced Range Optimization system, which analyses engine parameters and then acts to reduce consumption, and the Adaptive Speed Control technology, a software capable of keeping engine speed constant regardless of environmental conditions and sustained loads.

Big news then, which fuels healthy curiosity and a great desire to see how they go.

Luckily, the trials begin tomorrow and we will be among the lucky few who will be able to test them in a world preview, right in the waters of the legendary Lake X, a mystical place near Orlando where all Mercury’s secret prototypes were and are tested.

Stay tuned then, we”ll have the pleasure of telling you all about it in a few days.

Quick releases NEW raised rim downlights “Narrowing the Focus” at FLIBS


Quick Spa releases NEW raised rim downlights “Narrowing the Focus” at FLIBS

Quick Spa releases at FLIBS 

Quick Spa may hail from Ravenna, Italy, but the presence of its American subsidiary Quick USA could not be missed from October 26 to 30 at the 2022 Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show.

Quick Gyro

Awarding attendees much to explore, booth 794 was broad in both display size, and spectrum of products being presented. Categorized in an orderly manner in the front row, it was easy to find its air-cooled Quick Gyro stabilizers; the innovative and efficient top-sellers also lined the inner compartments on a variety of vessels throughout the show from the adventurous Axopar to the prestigious Pardo and Ocean Alexander.

Quick at FLIBSI had the pleasure of speaking with Paolo Berni, Quick’s stateside managing director who confirmed that, more and more center console owners want the rock-n-roll coming from their speakers, NOT from under the feet of friends and family onboard, hence many are installing Quick anti-roll gyros.

Even better news… the fanatical attraction to the turn-key, walk-around watercrafts within North America continues. As luxury sport and angler-able center console ownership continues to soar exponentially, the strong market sales can only indicate one thing for Quick USA – the future looks bright! As the focus of our chat shifted to Quick’s newest lighting debuts, it seems the present is as bright as the future will be. Literally!

Raised Rim Downlight

Berni proceeded to walk me through the latest developments in the antiglare LED downlight category illuminating the Fort Lauderdale exhibition booth and beyond. While the company has by no means said farewell to its fashionable flush fixtures, it has said hello to a series of raised rim (or, as some prefer the term trim) borders. No matter the moniker, Quick Spa is expanding the brand by “narrowing its focus” in the sense that, due to the outer edges or borders, the beams are projected in a more precise angular direction.

First up are the smaller TULIP 40 and TULIP 52 and DAISY 40 and DAISY 52 models. Made in painted aluminum, wherever installed these LEDs give off an inviting family-feel to the surroundings. With an IP65 rating and availability in black and white, the TULIPS and DAISIES are too protected against humidity and water spatter.

quick stand FLIBSWhat is becoming an extremely stylish trend is mixing the small courtesy lights up on the ceiling with a linear light bar combination such as the beautiful flowing ONDALED SIDE which was presented at the Miami International Boat Show last February and highlighted in International Yachting Media’s digital publications.

Also appealing in the line is the larger JAZZ H10 downlight made of 316 AISI stainless steel. When compared to market standards the power LED optics with the JAZZ H10 have been thoroughly studied and guarantee a higher efficiency. Apart from warm white and white, eye-catching red and blue color options are two other possibilities.

And lastly for recessed applications, we present the largest of the lot, the PALLADIO VR 105. Almost cylinder-like in appearance, the PALLADIO is another product made from AISI stainless steel, with the dissipater fabricated out of anodized aluminum.

Visually the PALLADIO and its smaller counterparts create stunning scenarios that set the tone and ambiance inside and out. However, another most important benefit derived from the usage of LEDs is that energy consumption is significantly reduced – and that betterment extends beyond the boating world, impacting the overall environment in a positive light!

Selva 320 VIB: in its fourth year of testing it doesn’t miss a beat


This is the fourth year in a row of testing for our inflatable-keel Selva 320 VIB tender, which has spent the winter, as usual, under the deck of our lab-boat without anyone having bothered to clean it or fold it up too carefully: we do this on purpose, we always want to stress it to the utmost, so that our test is as truthful as possible.

selva 320 vib inflatable keel tenderLast year we took it with us on the ‘1000-mile cruise in the Tyrrhenian Sea’, and it was really indispensable considering that we practically spent the whole time at anchor, do you remember?

This year we put another 900 nautical miles or so on its shoulders between Sardinia and Corsica, mostly leaving him towed by the boat, so as to take full advantage of the zero-impact recharging effect of the Epropulsion Spirit 1.0 Evo engine.

This is how it went.

Launching the Selva inflatable keel tender

We take it off the deck and it comes back to me how we had stored it: badly. It is still full of salt, as we had purposely not rinsed it, which has had an impact on its colour, which is of course no longer that bright white of a few years ago, and there are several creases caused by the fact that we had folded it up and folded it in no more than 10 minutes without paying too much attention to the shape.

It inflates quickly, the creases disappear and I pay attention to all the details to see if there is any deterioration damage. The tubulars still fill evenly, but I had no doubts about that, so I focus on the most delicate parts, i.e. the valves, which are the area where most air leaks could occur, but nothing: it is inflated, stable and ready.

Sure, it needs a clean and after a wash with a special product we remove the accumulated salt and the various encrustations: here too I am particularly careful, but the Selva 320 VIB’s quality is very good and, apart from the obvious and symptomatic ‘signs of time’, I do not notice at first glance any problems that could affect its sealing or stability.

Daydreamer and Selva tender

But I look in detail and check the flaps, I run my fingers over the entire V-shaped hull, diligently searching for a few air bubbles, then I dedicate myself to the handrails, the towing attachments and the engine support plates, but nothing: it is a solid fighter and I can smile because I think that it has fared well this year too. But now it’s time to launch him.

We’ll hoist it aboard a little this year, even in windy conditions and rough seas we’ll try to leave it in the water as much as possible: it’s now in its fourth year of testing and I already know that it won’t let me down.

Selva 320 VIB Test

The retaining line is firmly secured to the stern bollard of our lab-boat, and follows us everywhere.

Its tubulars are very solid, all the Selva quality we know so well is visible, but at the same time the structure is very light, as befits a tender. Its dimensions are sufficient for what we need: 3.20 m long by 1.53 m wide, for a floor area of 1.41 square metres, where we can fit four people without any problems.

We use it a lot.

Sometimes to pick up some guests who come to visit us on the boat, sometimes to run small or big errands, on the boat we are an average of 4 to 6 people, so there is always something to go ashore to stock up on or to retrieve something, or simply to disembark in the evening and go to some little restaurant.

DaydreamerIt’s practically always in the water: even when sailing for long stretches we keep it there, to let it take the waves and the sea, and stress its joints. Moreover, the fact that we always leave it in the water is not only convenient but also very useful, since we have an Eproplusion Spirit 1.0 Evo electric engine that recharges itself while we drag it along in the wind. It’s something that always excites me when I think about it: maximum output, minimum expense, and I never get stranded.

Between nights at anchor, rough seas, time spent working but also, and above all, the pleasure of sailing, we have put another 900 miles on its shoulders, but it doesn’t seem to have felt them at all and indeed I detect a note of sadness as we go to put it away. Everyone notices that: this is one of those gestures that mark the end of the season and so melancholy is always a bit in the air.

Once again this year, no favourable treatment for the Selva 320 VIB inflatable keel tender. We don’t even rinse it out, tighten knots and ties, and store it on deck. It will stay there all winter, waiting for the next season, and as I say goodbye to it with the customary pat of thanks, I already have the feeling that I already know that not even another year will affect this solid and irreplaceable friend of mine.

Of course, I will let you know…

Previously published tests

July 2019: Selva 320 VIB and Selva Guppy 2.5 : a revolutionary tender-outboard duo. The test begins

August 2021: Selva 320 VIB after 3 years of testing: it proves to be indestructible

Guidi at the Genoa Boat Show, an ever expanding reality


Once again this year, Guidi Srl took part in the Genoa International Boat Show, now in its 62nd edition. On display at booth TP06 in the upper pavilion B were the world-famous anti-block valves, sea intakes, drains, water purification filters and nautical fittings that have been synonymous with the highest quality for years. A quality that, moreover, our editorial staff continues to monitor, having installed the Italian company‘s sea intakes on board the Daydreamer, our lab- boat, for a good five years.

The participation in the Genoa boat show, traditionally a reference point for national customers, comes at a time when the market is still very positive, with the trend of orders up sharply compared to last year. Of course, the general increase in the cost of energy is being closely monitored even if, fortunately, the company has also made its efforts for some time, installing photovoltaic panels that provide a good portion of the energy consumed.

Guidi-booth-GenoaWork is also continuing at the Grignasco site, which will allow Guidi Srl to improve production efficiency and speed up the logistics chain by expanding production and storage space. The development of new products also continues, thanks to the collaboration with external partners.

September is a month of great excitement for us: we are fresh from our first participation in the SMM in Hamburg, dedicated to the naval sector, and now we are returning to the Genoa boat show to consolidate our presence on the national market.

– comments Daniele Guidi, the company’s Quality & Sustainability manager. –

The numbers comfort us but we know that we have to continue working in several directions both to keep costs under control and to recover marginality. It is not easy in the current context, but we have been through much tougher times and we are reasonably confident.”

YachtSense ecosystem, boat automation according to Raymarine


Imagine managing all the basics of your boat from a simple smartphone app, with all the simplicity of use that comes with it. That’s Raymarine YachSense Ecosystem, the new ecosystem developed by Raymarine, designed for both on-board and remote monitoring of on-board ecosystems and beyond. YachtSense Ecosystem is made up of the new Raymarine app, launched last August on IOS and soon to be available on Android, and the YachtSense Link, a marinized network router that is non-trivial, however, performing many useful functions by interfacing with the app.

Our YachtSense Ecosystem offers a connected boating solution for every boater,” Raymarine vice president and general manager Gregoire Outters says – Our Axiom owners can take advantage of the new Raymarine app, and the YachtSense Link router will keep them connected with the security of remote vessel monitoring. For our boatbuilder partners, the YachtSense Ecosystem is a comprehensive and bespoke digital control solution offering new-boat owners seamless on board and off-boat control and monitoring”.

The new App

raymarine plotterThe beating heart of the integration between YachtSense Ecosystem and the Axiom displays is the new application available since last August that provides an easy way to connect new devices, configure and edit the boat’s profile, back up and transfer waypoints and other data and synchronise Axiom charts, but that’s not all. Thanks to it, your smartphone will become an extension of your chartplotter, allowing you to mirror it from wherever you are. To unlock certain advanced features, you have to subscribe to a subscription, the cost of which varies according to your needs:

  • € 21.5 per month, € 95 for six months or € 175 per year to manage a single boat
  • € 35 per month, € 230 for 6 months, € 350 per year to manage up to 3 boats

The Geofence function is particularly useful. It allows you to monitor your boat from home and set up a safety zone around it, receiving an alert on your mobile phone should the boat leave the set perimeter.

YachtSense ecosystem: the marine network router

YachtSense Link is a YachtSense-ecosystem-operationmarine router equipped with Raynet Ethernet ports, mobile broadband connectivity, on-board Wi-Fi and low voltage monitoring/activation channels.

Supporting two SIM cards for data connection, the router will automatically use the one with the best connection. YachtSense Link allows Raymarine Axiom displays, mobile devices and other wireless devices such as smart TVs to be connected to the local marina Wi-Fi and create a unified on-board Wi-Fi network.

The list price is €1,395.00, making it a great low-cost solution for creating a boat automation system with the novo YachtSense eco system.

Now imagine being able to simply say “Alexa, turn on the stabilizer” or “Alexa, what is the fuel level?“. Believe it or not, this will also be possible, in fact, an integration with the famous Amazon assistant is already planned and we will be able to see it in operation as early as the next METS in Amsterdam.

Raymarine and Beneteau Oceanis, two excellences team up


From 2023, Raymarine will be the new on-board electronics partner for the Beneteau Oceanis sailing yachts, strengthening the long-standing collaboration between the two industry leaders.

A long-standing relationship

From 2023, Beneteau Oceanis range of sailing yachts will be equipped as standard with award-winning Axiom chartplotters and Raymarine navigation equipment, thanks to the Fareham-based company’s ability to provide reliable, high-level support and service.

This agreement reinforces an already well-established partnership: in fact, Raymarine is one of the suppliers of Groupe Beneteau’s brands: Jeanneau, Lagoon and Excess, enabling an enhanced boating experience.

Beneteau Oceanis & Raymarine
Beneteau Oceanis & Raymarine

Raymarine products will be standard equipment on all Oceanis yachts from 2023 onwards, with the new Oceanis Yacht 60 unveiled at the recent Cannes Yachting Festival, held from 6-11 September 2022.

As leading innovators in marine electronics for over 80 years, our products give confidence to sailors around the world, knowing their equipment has been robustly designed and they have the support of a global network behind them,” says Gregoire Outters, VP and General Manager of Raymarine. “We have an excellent relationship with Groupe Beneteau, already supplying several of their other brands across both power and sail. We are delighted to strengthen our dedication to the sailing community with this latest partnership”.

I am extremely pleased to announce this partnership and particularly appreciate the great relationship we’ve had for years with Raymarine. We can always rely on their products and have a great trust of their support around the world.” confirms Yann Masselot, Beneteau Brand Director.

Oceanis range

Consisting of eight models ranging from 30 to 60 feet, Groupe Beneteau’s Oceanis yachts stand out with a combination of special features such as on-board comfort, safety and efficiency, stable hulls, thoughtful design, and simplified manoeuvring.

All key aspects for owners seeking the highest quality for both inshore navigation and long cruises.

Douglas Marine passes all tests, it’s easy to say shock absorbers!


Douglas Marine Master Mooring shock absorbers on test

Expectations were high and have mooring-beltbeen confirmed by the excellent functioning and low wear we have observed after almost a year of testing.

Last November, we installed Douglas Marine’s MASTER MOORING springs together with Mooring Belts (also manufactured by Douglas Marine) on our lab-boat to test the entire line during the winter period.

Leaving the boat at the mooring is always a cause for anxiety and fear as weather conditions have worsened in recent years and weather events have become unpredictable and much stronger than in the past.

Without forgetting that boat owners are responsible for their own mooring and for any damage caused to third parties.

Douglas Marine Master Mooring shock absorbers test

douglas marine master mooring shock absorbers
Master Mooring Shock Absorbers

The MASTER MOORING Series junior mooring shock absorbers and Mooring Belts (which are slowly replacing the chains due to their lower weight and higher breaking load), have worked properly in recent months.

We have found that their use has made it possible to avoid excessive stress in the vicinity of the bollards, where gelcoat webs are usually created, and to contain annoying pitching and rolling.

During the days when the sea was rough and the wind was strong, creating undertow in the harbour, we went to see the performance of our mooring line and realized how much the movement of our boat changed compared to a normal line on land.

After 10 months of testing, Douglas Marine’s shock absorbers show no signs of wear and their steel is still perfect, thanks in part to the choice of materials that is made by selecting only local suppliers.

Douglas Marine mooring shock absorbers in short, are high quality products that ensure great durability and a more ‘ relaxed life on board when in port.

douglas marine test

Today, the company is a world leader in the production of mooring devices with a range of mooring shock absorbers for boats from 1 to 900 tonnes, as well as being one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of stainless steel anchor couplings and fender profiles.


BOS LE300, the marine lithium batteries that really work


A good six months have passed since the beginning of our test with the new BOS LE300, the lithium batteries designed specifically for boating. And, above all, an entire season of cruising has passed on board the Daydreamer which, as always, spends most of its time at anchor, the best way to test and stress the use of the battery pack dedicated to on-board utilities.

BOS LE300 lithium-ion battery test

Let us tell you straight BOS-LE300-Smart-Battery-Systemaway, without mincing words: these batteries work brilliantly. They drastically change on-board energy management, eliminating all worries about consumption. At sunset, our volmeter regularly read 13.5 V (compared to the classic 12.8 V of traditional batteries) while the following morning, after keeping the fridge, the anchor light and the fans on (it was really hot this summer), the voltage was never less than 12.8 V.

This created a virtuous cycle whereby, apart from one occasion, on the only rainy day of the season, we never had to turn on the engine (or generator) to recharge the batteries.

In fact, the energy from the 150w solar panel, which produces about 60/70 Ah during daylight hours, was always enough to recharge them.

This success and advantage is mainly due to the following factors:

  • Lithium batteries have a higher operating voltage than conventional lead-acid batteries, and are therefore able to store the excess energy produced by solar panels, in particular the differential between 12.8 and 13.4V

  • The BOS LE300s discharge completely with priority over the AGM batteries to which they are connected (which conventional batteries cannot do), which means that the first 100 Ah are drawn exclusively from the lithium batteries, thus preserving the charge of the conventional battery pack.

BOS LE300 Smart Battery System: how it’s made

BOS-LE300-Smart-Battery-System-installationThe BOS LE300 Smart Battery System is an advanced energy storage system consisting of individual 12 V lithium intelligent battery modules, each offering 28 Ah of capacity and 12.5 A of current. These lithium batteries can be used either to increase the total capacity of existing lead-acid battery packs, or to study and optimize the operation of a new battery pack when replacing or installing it for the first time.

The primary function of this system is to replace the discharge of lead-acid batteries, while keeping them at the highest possible voltage, exploiting the capacity of lithium batteries to deliver amperes, up to full discharge, without decreasing their voltage.

In a nutshell, the BOS LE300s can be fully discharged while the lead-acid batteries remain charged and healthy! What’s more, this technology is plug-and-play, i.e. the installation of BOS LE300s does not require any additional charger. Installing them simply means putting them in parallel with existing batteries, making it easy to adopt this system.

The version installed on the Daydreamer, i.e. the one comprising four BOS LE300 modules capable of delivering a total of 50 A and a capacity of 102.4 Ah, has a retail price of around €1,500 + VAT.


Installation Video

Technical Specs

System voltage

12 VDC

Norminal voltage

12.8 VDC

Voltage range

11 -15 VDC

Battery packs used in LE300

IFpR/26/65 [8p/4s] E/-20NA/95 LiFePO4 rechargeable battery

Nominal lithium capacity

28 Ah / 358 Wh

Usable lithium capacity

90% (25.2 Ah / 322 Wh)

Numbers of cycles at room temperature

>3000 complete cycles

Continuous charging current

Max. 12.5 A between 5 and 40°C, at higher and lower temperatures current is limited.

Battery efficiency

> 90%

Housing dimensions

175 x 229 x 67 cm


3.4 kg

Recommended wire size

1.5 – 4 mm²

Ambient temp. (operation & warehousing)

-20 – 50 °C ambient temperature with

 maximum battery life at 15 – 25 °C.
 Warehousing temperature 10 – 30 °C.

Low and high temperature protection,

Temp. sensor prevents lithium battery charge under -5°C or above 55°C cell temp.

heating, charging & dischargingCharging starts once cell temp. is higher than -5°C.
 Device has an integrated heating that is active between -20°C and 10°C cell temp.
 Discharge possible between -20°C and 60°C cell temp.
 At cell temp. below -20°C and over 60°C system is running in pure lead acid mode for higher battery lifetime.

Lithium cell balancing

Battery management inclusive balancer

Protection features

Overcurrent, overvoltage, short circuit, deep discharge, wrong polarity protection.

Operation mode/compatible external batteries

Works in combination with any 12 V lead acid battery & lead acid charge controller.

Connection possibilities

Packs can be connected in parallel with each other (see exemplary parallel combination in the table below).

Max. parallel LE300s

In standard version, a maximum of 24

 LE300 can be connected only in parallel, higher quantities possible after consulting BOS partner.

Ampermarine chosen by Lomac: the revolutionary WUWLED spotlights on an inflatable of the historic shipyard


Ampermarine presents the new WUWLED spotlights at the Cannes Yachting Festival 2022, attracting great interest from the shipbuilding industry. Thanks to their special feature of obtaining underwater lights through electrical induction, without perforating the hull, they enable shipyards to install these accessories much more easily and, above all, they allow less invasive refitting of boats, excluding holes in the hull and thus reducing the risk of saltwater infiltration and continuous maintenance. For this reason, Lomac, an important Milan-based shipyard with 60 years of experience in the sector, has chosen to install Ampermarine’s WUWLED spotlights, following the owner’s request, on its latest 7-metre tender.

Ampermarine-underwater-spotlightsDuring the Cannes Yachting Festival, we met Paolo Lo Manto, Lomac’s Development Director, who explained the reasons for this choice: “Beyond the LED’s performance, the most obvious benefit is avoiding holes in the hull where the water pressures generated in the area are important. Furthermore, when maintenance work has to be carried out, it is essential that the product is practical in order to intervene more easily in the future. In any case, you don’t run the risk of having to dismantle and create yet another infiltration route for the water,” Paolo continued. “I have perceived a practicality and peace of mind, both for myself and at the shipyard: it is the peace of mind that there is no risk of inconvenience on a product that has to work and be fixed, if necessary, as quickly as possible. I don’t even see the risk of failure; there are structural adhesives with which we fix the T-Tops and if my roof can withstand 50 knots of wind, I don’t see why the spotlight shouldn’t withstand the pressures of water”.

Ampermarine continues to research and design accessories dedicated to marine lighting and control panels thanks to an in-house research laboratory where the company’s technicians continue to develop new innovative products. Thanks also to the Italian distributor Supeyacht, Ampermarine intends to offer a wide range of advanced products by expanding its presence in the yachting world. In fact, the group will also participate in the Ibex in Tampa Bay, Florida, from 27 to 29 September at booth 3-335.

For more information on Ampermarine products, please visit the following LINK

CMC Marine at the Cannes Yachting Festival: increasingly present on megayachts


CMC Marine, an increasingly important company in the field of electric stabilizers, joins the Cannes Yachting Festival 2022 with some of its products from the Stabilis Electra, Thrusters and Steering Systems range. The Italian company is actually the first to have developed and manufactured electric fin stabilizers which, thanks to their reliability and the recent Argo system, are being installed on many boats, from 12-metre units up to mega-yachts of up to 80 metres. Furthermore, important agreements have been signed in recent years, such as with Saim and Eliche Radice; in short, the future of electric stabilizers is brighter than ever.

CMC Marine thrusterThe Stabilis Electra family of stabilizers is designed for boats over 18 metres in length and at the CMC Marine booth at the Palais des Festivals we were able to see one of its representatives, the HS 60, for lengths between 23 and 35 metres.

We were also amazed after seeing a STAB 25, a fin from the latest ultra-compact Waveless line suitable for boats between 15 and 24 metres, in operation. The new range is suitable for boats from 12 to 40 metres and is distinguished by high compactness, low maintenance and high energy efficiency. The booth also housed a TP20 and a DIRECTA 80, a thruster and a steering system respectively. The latter are also easy to install and low-noise.

HS-60CMC-DIRECTA-80The next important appointment for the company will be the Monaco Yacht Show, from 28 September to 1 October, where they will bring an HS160, one of the largest fin stabilizers for superyachts over 50 metres. All CMC products boast excellent compatibility and integration with many third-party products thanks to the Argo software, launched in 2020, which provides better course control, reducing fuel consumption and making navigation more comfortable. Argo is currently installed on several yachts and super yachts and demonstrates the excellent capabilities of CMC Marine’s research and development department in creating cutting-edge products.

For more information on CMC Marine’s products, please visit the following LINK