Fratelli Razeto & Casareto: a special monograph to tell a story uniting family and company.


The ‘Razeto & Casareto’ book is a unique work, where 100 years of company and family history are collected.

The ‘Razeto & Casareto’ book is a unique work, where 100 years of company and family history are collected.

A beautiful celebration for the Fratelli Razeto & Casareto company which, for its 100th anniversary, has published a company history monograph collecting the anecdotes and the intertwining of the families and the company. Since 1920, the F.lli Razeto & Casareto company has been producing complements and accessories for shipbuilding, first for Genoese shipyards and transatlantic liners, now for the whole range of recreational boats, for big brands and for modern cruise ships.
Fratelli-Razeto-Casareto-bookPresented at the 62nd International Boat Show in Genoa by
Andrea Razeto, Vice President of Confindustria Nautica, and his brother Gian Giacomo Razeto, head of the company’s Design and Innovation sectors, the book immediately stands out as a product that marks a new starting point for the company, as Sabrina Burlando, the author of the book, also states:

The historical monograph is both a cultural and marketing product, which recounts through photographs, images and texts the company’s heritage, consisting of values, professionalism and human capital”.

‘On Board with you since 1920’, this is the title of the book, retraces the company’s steps backwards in a sort of cinematographic flashback, going through the great epochal changes that have taken place in Italy in one hundred years of history. Texts and images recompose the logical and chronological thread from today, to the company’s birth in 1920 in Sori, on the Eastern Ligurian Riviera. The first handles, locks and coat hooks for Genoese ships began to be produced in a small premises, and as time went by, the company increased both its workload and the expansion of the factory where all the brassware to be supplied to the various boats in the area and beyond was produced, expanding its borders abroad as early as the 1930s. Today, F.lli Razeto & Casareto is one of the leading companies in the marine accessories sector. Thanks to the quality and originality of its products, it has conquered all continents and has a 50% turnover with the foreign market.

In the book, the tale begins boat handleswith the new ‘CentEsiMo’ antimicrobial handle, the latest innovative product derived from an ancient mould that was fitted in the finest Italian seafaring vessels and kept under lock and key in the historical models, from which all the family and corporate events that have crossed over time will be traced. The story is told over decades and is associated with various focuses that will provide previously unpublished details on the workings, machinery, products and company philosophy from 1920 to the present day. A ribbon of memories that rewinds history in reverse and allows us to fully understand the passion and dedication that drove these three young men in the 1920s to melt metals and create products of absolute quality that still today, more than ever, are leaders in the sector on an international level. Although well rooted in the local area, the company is global in character, which is why the book has been published in both Italian and English.

A history that has been handed down for three generations and that has found in the people at the helm the ability to renew themselves according to social and economic changes over time. This has led the company not to lose its value but, on the contrary, to acquire more and more, thanks to its roots, as the author herself states:

The value of the company is also a value for the territory where the company resides. We have made a book that in communication jargon is called ‘heritage marketing’, that is precisely the marketing of heritage. It speaks of the new, not of a memory, of the present and the future through the story of the company’s historical roots”.

Yachting lands in the metaverse. International premiere at the Genoa Boat Show


The boating industry lands in the metaverse and exploits its enormous potential, bridging the gap with new business methods. Thanks to the exclusive agreement signed between The International Yachting Media and Olimaint, boating companies and professionals will be able to use virtual technology within a dedicated space to communicate their news, welcome customers, and showcase the most innovative projects to boat owners, in a totally immersive way.

This great opportunity will be officially presented during the upcoming Genoa International Boat Show 2022: an important appointment, on 25 September at 1.00 pm, will see The International Yachting Media in the forefront at the Eberhard &Co Theatre of the Genoa Boat Show for a real world premiere. On this occasion, the exclusive space in the publisher’s metaverse will be inaugurated, bringing together all the group’s publications and making them available free of charge.


The luca-dambrosio-metaverseevent will also be a decisive moment to discover the full potential of the metaverse in the boating sector and to overcome a genuine mistrust of a tool that will undoubtedly prove professionally attractive.

The International Yachting Media thus takes the helm of a digital revolution, becoming the exclusive worldwide distributor of the metaverse in yachting.

The company’s virtual space will be presented through the words of its founder and editor-in-chief Luca D’Ambrosio, accompanied by Sergio Cutolo, Owner of Hydro Tec, Umberto Felci, Founder of Felci Yacht Design, and Massimiliano Nicolini, Senior R&D Researcher at Olimaint.

The event is perfectly aligned with a progressive change in the way events and exhibitions are enjoyed, more inclined to exploit VRO technologies and the great opportunities offered by the metaverse.

The Düsseldorf boat show, for example, has chosen to follow the intuition of the Verband der Eventveranstalter Rheinland Westfalense Association, presenting the market of regular exhibitors and associated event organizers with a ‘digital twin’: professionals will thus be able to use both a physical workstation and a digitized twin workstation. All exhibition halls have been faithfully reproduced in real size, and spaces such as the central auditorium or completely independent meeting spaces have also been created within them to share experiences in an interconnected manner. Avatar digital hostesses will move around the pavilions, provide advice and distribute brochures.


The real exhibition experience, therefore, can from now on be complemented by a digital exhibition methodology, capable of involving an ever-increasing number of visitors. It is within this scenario that The International Yachting Media wants to move, hosting activities and interactions in a single virtual location, exploiting augmented reality and implementing a new integrated communication channel.

The appointment is therefore for 25 September, to witness first-hand the landing of boating in the metaverse.

“Yachting lands in the metaverse”.

25 September – 1.00 pm

Eberhard &Co Theatre

62nd Genoa International Boat Show