Genoa International Boat Show

Selva 21 LV Plus: versatile, appealing and spacious


Made entirely by the Italian boatyard, the Selva 21 LV Plus is a small revolution in the use of space. Thanks to the skillful work of its designers, this inflatable is perfect for a day of leisure or relaxation with your guests, without compromising on the cruising quality that makes Selva Marine one of the best known brands in this sector.

selva 21 LV PLUS testEvery corner is designed to be cosy; not surprisingly, we are talking about the Living line, fitted with some innovative details such as the stern sofas that, in addition to extending along the sides, feature stylised backrests that extend along all three sides. There are also two tables, one in the centre of the bow sofas arranged in a V shape and one in the centre of the stern ones, arranged in a U shape, both ready to disappear and reappear when the boat is shared, as well as the optional awning that covers the entire length of the boat.

The 6-metre hull rests on tubulars in a tri-colour version, taking the total length to 6.30 metres, which however give the perception of being more once on board, thanks to the extremely detailed study work by Selva, which has not even economised on the quality of the extra accessories included and the fine upholstery.

Also available in the Ultra version in anthracite grey, carbon black and cream, with a grey fibreglass hull, the Selva 21 LV Plus is built to accommodate an outboard of up to 150 hp and is designed for 10 people in category C and 14 in category D, fully optimizing all the space in the cockpit dominated by a high-performance raised helm station.

I have described it as versatile, attractive and spacious boat: I will now explain in detail why.

The Selva 21LV Plus in detail

Let us say that the Selva 21 LV Plus is very well indeed made. What I consider to be its main feature is certainly the design of the space, conceived, made and assembled in-house at Selva, like the rest of this boat which is part of the Living line.

But how is such livability achieved despite a hull of only 6 metres? Selva has answered this question with a skillful use of on-board space in every detail, following the philosophy that ‘every single centimetre counts’.

Hence the custom-designed bracket that allows the cockpit to be set back from the previous 650 Family Special, which leaves room for a U-shaped seat at the stern on which comfortable sand-coloured cushions are placed. The stylised backrests are very aesthetically attractive, but also very efficient; I would call them an elegant touch of personality that is, after all, a trademark of this range.

The backrest seat is extremely functional. It is designed for one person, but you can easily fit two, and under the seat there is a handy watertight locker. The steering console is also absolutely ergonomic, and the black V-shaped windscreen gives it a very aggressive look. The console and pilot seat assembly is raised – always a good idea for me because I like the slightly higher driving perspective.

The bow is also a small selva 21 LV PLUS stern viewlounge. Compared to the stern, it has a V shape, at the tip of which is a bowplate that is attached directly to the tubulars; the sofas and console seat surround a second foldaway table that practically duplicates the dining space for improved comfort.

The awning is optional, but I think it’s so beautiful with its grey steel tubing that it would be a shame to do without it, and not just for style’s sake. By extending it, in fact, you can use all the space available. Of course, the whole space converts into two sunbathing areas with the usual Selva practicality. That’s what the ‘Living’ line stands for.

There is also a ‘Plus Ultra’ version of this boat that, compared to the Plus one, includes all the fibreglass in a grey colour, the tubulars and cushions in a specific fabric/colour combination and the Sea Deck cover as standard.

Whatever your choice, you will still have space between the GRP stern decks for an outboard up to 150 hp. Selva will certainly be able to advise you on the best option for your needs.

Selva 21 LV Plus Sea trial

We are on Lake Maggiore on a beautiful sunny day. There is no wind, no waves, just a vast expanse of water and the Isola Madre as a target.

Getting familiar with it is really a matter of a few moments and I immediately feel at ease, so much so that without realizing it I am already pushing the throttle down quite a bit: the Murena 40 XSR Best engine that I have behind me seems to be begging me to let it have some fun, so I go along with it.

The boat gets up on plane at 13 knots and about 3800 rpm, after only 3.05 seconds, and we reach14 knots at 4000 rpm, with consumption under control since we are travelling at about 9.9 l/h, even if, what I consider to be the cruising speed, we touch it at 20 knots: we are at 5000 engine revolutions, with 50% trim and consumption of about 14 l/h.

Although the speed is optimal for a day out on the lake, I want to to see how far I can go. I confess, that’s my favourite thing, so I push the throttle all down. At 5500 rpm, the boat reaches at 23 knots, at 6000 rpm 25 knots, and reaches the maximum for today at around 6200 rpm with a fuel consumption of 22.6 l/h: not bad at all.

selva marine turns

Yes, because despite the speed, the Selva LV 21 Plus is really a rocket, navigation is linear and with no jolts. The boat slices through the water brilliantly, leaving me only to enjoy its performance and the magnificent landscape in front of me.

In short, Selva Marine as always managed to give me good sensations. This inflatable is really very elegant despite the fact that it is also tremendously sporty, a perfect synthesis that makes it fast, agile, and certainly very versatile in different situations that can range from work, to transporting passengers or simply relaxing. The advice is to put it to the test, I am sure that like me you will end the day, whether at sea or on the lake, with a big smile on your face.

Technical Specs

















6.30 m


 2.63 m


150 HP


 130 l


 30 l





min. 750







































Fratelli Razeto & Casareto: a special monograph to tell a story uniting family and company.


The ‘Razeto & Casareto’ book is a unique work, where 100 years of company and family history are collected.

The ‘Razeto & Casareto’ book is a unique work, where 100 years of company and family history are collected.

A beautiful celebration for the Fratelli Razeto & Casareto company which, for its 100th anniversary, has published a company history monograph collecting the anecdotes and the intertwining of the families and the company. Since 1920, the F.lli Razeto & Casareto company has been producing complements and accessories for shipbuilding, first for Genoese shipyards and transatlantic liners, now for the whole range of recreational boats, for big brands and for modern cruise ships.
Fratelli-Razeto-Casareto-bookPresented at the 62nd International Boat Show in Genoa by
Andrea Razeto, Vice President of Confindustria Nautica, and his brother Gian Giacomo Razeto, head of the company’s Design and Innovation sectors, the book immediately stands out as a product that marks a new starting point for the company, as Sabrina Burlando, the author of the book, also states:

The historical monograph is both a cultural and marketing product, which recounts through photographs, images and texts the company’s heritage, consisting of values, professionalism and human capital”.

‘On Board with you since 1920’, this is the title of the book, retraces the company’s steps backwards in a sort of cinematographic flashback, going through the great epochal changes that have taken place in Italy in one hundred years of history. Texts and images recompose the logical and chronological thread from today, to the company’s birth in 1920 in Sori, on the Eastern Ligurian Riviera. The first handles, locks and coat hooks for Genoese ships began to be produced in a small premises, and as time went by, the company increased both its workload and the expansion of the factory where all the brassware to be supplied to the various boats in the area and beyond was produced, expanding its borders abroad as early as the 1930s. Today, F.lli Razeto & Casareto is one of the leading companies in the marine accessories sector. Thanks to the quality and originality of its products, it has conquered all continents and has a 50% turnover with the foreign market.

In the book, the tale begins boat handleswith the new ‘CentEsiMo’ antimicrobial handle, the latest innovative product derived from an ancient mould that was fitted in the finest Italian seafaring vessels and kept under lock and key in the historical models, from which all the family and corporate events that have crossed over time will be traced. The story is told over decades and is associated with various focuses that will provide previously unpublished details on the workings, machinery, products and company philosophy from 1920 to the present day. A ribbon of memories that rewinds history in reverse and allows us to fully understand the passion and dedication that drove these three young men in the 1920s to melt metals and create products of absolute quality that still today, more than ever, are leaders in the sector on an international level. Although well rooted in the local area, the company is global in character, which is why the book has been published in both Italian and English.

A history that has been handed down for three generations and that has found in the people at the helm the ability to renew themselves according to social and economic changes over time. This has led the company not to lose its value but, on the contrary, to acquire more and more, thanks to its roots, as the author herself states:

The value of the company is also a value for the territory where the company resides. We have made a book that in communication jargon is called ‘heritage marketing’, that is precisely the marketing of heritage. It speaks of the new, not of a memory, of the present and the future through the story of the company’s historical roots”.

MAR.CO R-Evolution 26: agile, high-performance, elegant and…exciting!


Premiered at the MAR-CO-R-EVOLUTION-26-test62nd Genoa International Boat Show, the new jewel of the Mar.Co family, the R-Evolution 26, has been defined by the manufacturers themselves as a true landmark.

Conceived as the utmost expression of design aimed at achieving great cruising performance, with comfort on board never being forgotten, this boat gives amazing driving sensations and plenty of space for all your recreational activities.

Design is elegant and modern. This is immediately apparent from the quality of the sofa finishes, the wide rear decks and the black T-Top.

Every corner hides a surprise, a space, a chrome, a story, which for Mar.Co began in 1974. In 8 metres of length the Mar.Co R-Evolution 26 has encapsulated the best of its experience in the field, enhanced in this case by the power of a Mercury 450R that made my test even more exciting: let’s see why.

Mar.Co R-Evolution 26 Sea Trial

I approach the test of the new R-evolution 26 with a certain amount of expectation since I have been waiting since 2021 to test it. So I enjoy every single step that leads me to the helm station. I immediately notice that there are no narrow passages and there is a comfortable seat waiting for me that makes me feel at ease straight away, being able to choose whether to stand or just sit. However, it is enough to turn on the Mercury 450R that I have behind me that the delightful little noise made by that R immediately makes me realize that I am going to have a lot of fun on this test.

For me, the fun is just discovering it slowly. At very low revs the boat responds perfectly to my every command, making getting out of the harbour, and then in, a piece of cake. As always, I test it by slowly revving up, also to get a feel for consumption.


At about 2,000 rpm the boat gets up on plane, the power of the engine is tangible, the wake comes off and we start to feel the performance of the fibreglass hull that makes it glide absolutely nimbly over the water.

At 3,500 rpm if I were with my family enjoying a quiet day at sea I could already find peace of mind: 23 knots, ideal for cruising and keeping consumption under control, only 43.5 litres per hour in total.

MAR-CO-R-EVOLUTION-26-aerial-view-rightBut I am alone and I want to push this boat to the limit and enjoy it all. So I lower the throttle again. The sea is getting rougher, the waves are over a metre and a half, but in spite of this I take them all in my stride and reach 5,500 rpm, touching my top speed, which for the day is expected to be 48.5 knots: remarkable in these conditions.

I want more. If there is one thing I like to do, it is test the acceleration. The result is surprising: in minus 2.5 seconds I am at 20 knots. Spectacular.

While I’m at it, and now that I feel at one with the Mar.Co R-Evolution 26, I attack with a series of turns and counter-turns, catching my waves and looking for those of the others: we’re at the Genoa Boat Show so it’s very simple, but despite this its clean movement in the water is surprising, and even more so the stability it shows under stress.

There is little more to add: agile, performing, elegant but above all too much fun. The hardest thing about this test was leaving it in the port.

The Mar.Co R-Evolution 26 in detail

As soon as I bow-viewsaw it I thought: ‘This is wonderful’.

At 8.02 metres long and 3.08 metres wide, the dominant colours of the Mar.Co R-Evolution 26 are white and red, interrupted only by a carbon black stripe on the two tubulars leading to the fibreglass bowplate integrated in the mould. The Mercury 450R also fits in nicely, white and red too, a touch of sporty style.

At the centre of the helm station in this model is a beautiful T-Top, which, however, is not standard, but this one does have it and I fully understand the choice: built in fibreglass it is reminiscent of the one on the R-Evolution 35, with two carefully designed storage compartments and a modern-style helm station that matches the T-shaped seat and the very elegant white footrest: everything is absolutely sporty.

The construction quality of this boat designed by Federico Gerna is first-class, and it can be seen in every detail: from the handrails, to the wide rear decks with their modern touch, to the retractable ladder with handles for easier ascent. Everything is studied down to the smallest detail.

Even the spaces impress me. As many as 14 people can stay here because everything is designed to be practical and efficient. On the transom there is room for an outboard up to 450 hp, like the one we use today. The stern platforms are wide, and under the one on the right there’s a locker ideal for putting fins and mask in.

sternThere are also six spacious compartments between the stern and bow, a sanitary unit with a dedicated tank under the front seat of the helm console, a chopping board, a refrigerator and a table in the middle of the stern that instantly disappears, leaving room for a spacious sundeck with the same splendid high-quality finish as the rest of the sofas. Whether stern or bow, relaxation is guaranteed.

The style of the Mar.Co production can be seen throughout the boat: it is elegant, carefully crafted, its lines and design stand out, that’s for sure.

But it is when you enjoy its sporty performance, aggressive just enough, that the adrenalin level in your bloodstream rises: and for me, in the end, that is what counts.

Test Data


Technical Specs


Federico Gerna








8,020 cm


3,080 cm




450 HP


330 l


100 l

Nuova Jolly 850 XL: uncompromised space


Nuova-Jolly-850-XL-top-viewUnveiled in Paris in late 2021, the 850 XL couldn’t miss the Genoa Boat Show where it showed all the quality of Nuova Jolly Marine production, which once again has really thought of everything.

Just look at it and you are immediately struck by its size. Its length is 8.73 metres, which, according to designer Matteo De Francesco himself, is comparable in terms of liveability to a 10.5-metre boat, but with one huge advantage: this boat is also trailerable. In fact, once deflated, its width reaches the maximum limit allowed for road transport with deflated tubulars, which, as I see it, is incredible.

Its numbers are in fact impressive. 3.40 metres wide allowing comfortable passages at every point, a 2 metre by 2 metre bow sundeck, stern platforms that can be modified as needed to accommodate up to two 225 hp outboards each, and the possibility of accommodating as many as 16 people aboard.

Clearly, with dimensions like these there are no limits for the Nuova Jolly 850 XL, which has in fact already been chosen for multiple uses. From tender for large yachts, to yachting, camping, military use and even work, there is no challenge that this boat is not ready to accept, fully satisfying every expectation.

One might think that with spaces like these, cruising performance might be somewhat reduced, sacrificed for comfort. Nothing could be more wrong. Its hull designed in-house by Nuova Jolly Marine is a masterpiece of design that not only makes it glide through the water at great speed (in fact, it reaches 54 knots) but also allows considerable fuel savings.

In short, if you think ‘bigger is better’, I will now explain why this is the right RIB for you.


What does it mean NJ 850 XL sternto think big? If you ask Nuova Jolly Marine, the answer would probably be to never stop and to accept every new challenge head-on, without compromise. And the proof is this 850 XL.

All Italian-made, it is the result of a careful design where every step has been engineered: from the fibreglass moulds made from 3D drawings, to the jigs, right down to the hatches, every element of this boat is expertly thought out to exploit every last centimetre to the full.

Its hull is wide but sharp. It starts at 23° at the stern and reaches 60° at the beginning of the bow wheel with a plate in the centre of the stern itself, which not only facilitates cruising speed but also reduces consumption and friction.

The bowplate is hybrid, a distinctive trademark of this line made up of the tubular that wraps around the entire boat, with an integrated concealed fairlead that has a double advantage: aesthetically it is very clean and there are no bulky elements in sight, but at the same time it is easy to manoeuvre when docking.

The boat is also very side-deck comfortable to drive. The helm station accommodates a large two-seater sofa in front of which a modern console with a 12” screen opens out, with space next to it for storing everything you need, thanks to two storage compartments, a double cup holder and electrical sockets for various recharges.

Then, of course, its interior spaces: it is when relaxing that you understand that XL acronym. The sofas are large and comfortable, and both fore and aft offer the possibility of sitting at the table or transforming them into wide, extremely comfortable sundecks. Between the lockers and watertight compartments there is all the space you need to store everything you need for a yachting day, but also for camping or work, making the Nuova Jolly 850 XL truly perfect for any occasion.

There is also a toilet with a 1.70 metre chemical toilet, a 42 litre refrigerator, sink and chopping board which naturally become essential elements for its liveability, as well as the long awning which, using the steel or fibreglass T-Top, extends to the entire 8.70 metres of the boat. Personally, I always find this a great thing, as I often find myself camping with the family and, at the time of my girls’ nap, all this shade makes resting definitely more pleasant.

Last but not least, the stern houses one last practical innovation, namely the movable swim platforms which, depending on your choice, can accommodate one or two outboards of up to 450 hp: which means going fast, and enjoying that aspect of the sea that we can’t leave out, namely the pleasure and adrenaline of driving. In the water it is very stable, but as soon as it gets up on plane its 1,400 kg (dry) disappear to leave room for great handling, which adds to the list of positive aspects.

This boat wins you over with a simple, extremely clean style that definitely stands out. But it is once you are on board that you realize its full potential: if in fact everyone has their own needs at sea, with this 850 XL the Nuova Jolly Marine has thought well of satisfying them all.




Nuova Jolly






1XXL – 2 XXL




8,730 cm


3,400 cm


2 x 225 HP


300 l


65 l

Azimut at the Genoa Boat Show: the success of bold, iconic yachts


Azimut exhibited no less than nine models at the recently concluded Genoa International Boat Show 2022. The brand has six different lines of yachts, ranging from 13 to 38 metres, but with one thing in common: to offer owners avant-garde, designer yachts with great emotional appeal.

At the Italian event Azimut presented the new jewel of the Grande line: the latest Grande 26M. The real flagship of an ambitious project which aims to be the new category benchmark and offer the same opportunities as a megayacht in its size.

Azimut-Grande26M exteriorIt is nothing new that the Azimut brand confronts the future with unprecedented innovative solutions. Think for example of the Pod propulsion: brought into vogue by them and today, it is the most successful technology on the market today.

This is also the basis for the innovations that the shipyard, together with ZF, has introduced on the Grande 26M. Thanks to their experience and continuous research, this yacht has a new Pod 4600 propulsion system, installed here for the first time in the world.

The system, which combines this type of engine with a 30% lighter superstructure, thanks to the extensive use of carbon fibre, makes it possible to reduce consumption by 20% compared to a boat of the same size, at the various speeds most frequently used.

This surprising result allows the Grande 26M to be included in Azimut’s Low Emission Yachts range, which already includes half of their range. This is no small achievement, which once again confirms the innovative and sustainable vision of Azimut, a pioneer in the yachting field and world leader in the megayacht sector.

The new Grande 26 confirms all expectations and even exceeds them: first of all, it arranges the interior spaces as in superyachts, then, it divides the flow of the crew (positioned at the bow) from that of the guests, so as to guarantee total privacy.

The element that really Azimut yachtsmakes you fall in love with Grande 26M is the Deck 2 Deck® Terrace: a dream terrace, above the water.

This particular terrace is obtained thanks to the extension of the transom, which can be raised to transform the cockpit into a large space suspended between the sea and the sky, thus becoming both a lounge area and a dining room, thanks to a large walk-around table.

A sophisticated design, a boat synonymous with simplicity and elegance with maximum comfort and minimum emissions, which undoubtedly respects Azimut’s vision, always.

Welcome aboard the change.

Rio Yachts Inagua S: exclusive sea trial at the Genoa Boat Show


Rio Yachts, all-Italian nautical excellence since 1961, enters the world of RIBs with the brand-new Inagua S, the first inflatable ever built by the Italian boatyard.

Entry Level of the Inagua range, the Rio Yachts Inagua S successfully combines all the sportiness of an inflatable with the elegance of details and finishes that distinguishes the Open family.

Inaugua SAt sea it is incredibly stable and fast. The thrill of tacking to port or starboard is priceless because the high, diamond-shaped helm station shows a truly thrilling view of the sea caressing the tubulars.

The power is not lacking, there is room for two 300 hp outboards, like the Mercurys that now drive this boat, designed by Marino Alfani, to tame the waves that rise up in the bow. Chroming, premiere design, ample space and strong emotions complete the circle.

Inagua S is like a classic suit worn with a pair of tennis shoes, and now I’ll tell you why.


It had been unveiled at the Cannes Yachting Festival 2022 and I knew it would also arrive at the Genoa Boat Show, so once the countdown was over I was very happy that the day had come: I was curious to know what Rio Yatchs’ first Maxi Rib would look like live, and finally the day had come.

11 m by 3.70 m. I like such big boats because everything is comfortable: the walkaround runs throughout the boat like a gangway and moving up to the beautiful diamond-shaped bridge is very easy. The pilot seat is raised, you have the perception of being really high up and you are enveloped by this splendid, ultra-modern black T-Top, in line with the helm station that houses an eye-catching control console.

Getting out of the harbour Rio Yachts Inagua S underwayquickly, the boat responds promptly to tight manoeuvres. The sea is rough, there are waves of about a metre and a half, the wind is picking up and I think it’s the ideal situation to test a Rib like this: wide, glued on its Marino Alfani-designed hull.

At 2,500 rpm, I exceed 20 knots, the boat is planing. Before starting with the speed and consumption tests I want to get used to it and so I start attacking the waves firmly, pushing down on the throttle, expecting to feel the fallout in the wave hollow, but… nothing. As if the waves weren’t even there.

Then it’s a succession of port and starboard turns and I notice the perspective which, I admit, has really seduced me. As I said, the helm station is raised as is the seat, the feet are on the footrest, and I enjoy the spectacle from above. The sea caressing the tubulars, the reflection of the sun on the water, the white of the Rib: the more you drive it, the more you’ll keep on driving it.

consoleWith this sea at 30 knots on the 4000 rpm we travel deliciously pleasantly and consumption is under control, 40 l/h. So off I go, lowering the throttle even more, 4,500, 5,000… at 5,500 rpm I’m at 43 knots and I’m happy as a child.

But the sea is getting rougher and rougher, the sky black and we decide to go back. That was my top speed, but it comfortably reaches 50 knots.

I don’t have a drop of water on me, those on the boat with me are chatting amiably on the comfortable sofas behind me, and there is an unconscious smile on my face.


Aesthetically it is refined, elegant: I can see it arriving with a celebrity on board at a Cannes or Venice Premiere.

side viewThe spaces are immediately reminiscent of an open yacht, with a large walkaround that emphasizes that convivial atmosphere I expect from a Rib. The rear decks, despite the fact that the stern is built to accommodate two outboards, are spacious and well designed. The white striped embroidery is a theme that continues throughout the cockpit.

Some features immediately catch the eye. The tubulars that wrap around the entire hull, for example, instead of closing in the classic semi-circle shape are cut: a feature that will also be replicated on all other Rio Yachts inflatable boats and that will make it a trademark.

Then the T-Top. Made of crystal, black in colour, it gives a touch of elegance to this boat, like wearing the right accessory that enhances the whole look, but still leaves wide viewing angles all around and covers from the sun the dashboard, which has a splendid diamond shape, also made of black crystal, hiding a toilet on the front. Not only beauty but also a remarkable effectiveness both in terms of protection, as I said at the end of the test I didn’t even have a drop of water on me, but also in terms of performance, since its inclination favours a more aerodynamic passage of air.

Last but not least, space. Almost four metres of width can be felt in the spacious seating, in the large bow and stern sundecks where passengers lie comfortably, in the situations when the dinghy is used for a lunch at anchor. Of course, nothing is missing: a kitchen with a cutting board (which can accommodate a cooker), a sink, a foldaway table, seven large compartments and a fridge where you can always keep a bottle of Champagne chilled to share with our lucky guests.

This Rib is the perfect crasis of two worlds, that of the dinghy and that of the boat, taking the best from both. Rio Yachts Inagua S has been presented to the world, and I leave with the knowledge that, from the looks of it, we are looking at a line destined to last and to surprise us with many other novelties.

rio yachts inagua s sea trialrio yachts test









 8.1 7.3


 9 12.6


 11 14.5


 15 23


 24.5 31


30 40




 40 80


 43 90




Rio Yachts- Marino Alfani




2 XL




1,100 cm


3,700 cm






600 l


100 l


Fiart P54 at the Genoa Boat Show: a new icon of style and elegance unveiled


Attention to detail, focus on comfort, extreme liveability on board: once again Fiart amazes and conquers. The Italian shipyard joined the 62nd Genoa Boat Show with its latest addition, a 54-foot model with a clean, elegant design, perfect for all lovers of “beauty”.

Let’s discover the special features of the new model:

Among the prerogatives of the new P54, there was a great enthusiasm for those who crowded the Fiart quay to admire the new model live, the spaciousness of the deck, which guarantees convivial moments in total freedom. The connection between the stern and the bow was also highly appreciated. With a single central corridor, it allows you to imagine a comfortable and connected life on board, like in your own living room.

The below deck offers a functional and cozy living area, a kitchen area with appliances and deluxe equipment. The whole environment is cozy and spacious, thanks also to the many skylights that guarantee a bright and warm environment.

The stern platform hides a storage compartment under the main deck, perfect for stowing a tender and at the same time, with a simple movement it can be turned into a full-beam private beach, allowing easy and safe access to the water or the quay.

fiart p54 genoaThe version exhibited at the Genoa International Boat Show was the 3-cabin one: one aft and two VIP cabins forward. These two cabins can be transformed into a single mini-suite, thanks to a system of sliding wardrobes that, if desired, allow the two areas to be connected. The room finishes were all in dark wood, for the dark layout, but on request it is also possible to have a version with light-coloured interiors. Certainly one of the most appreciable aspects of this new Fiart model is the extreme degree of customization freedom that the owner has. Not only can he decide on the aesthetics of the boat, but also on the layout of the interior spaces, deciding which layout to opt for. It is not just us who recognize this really interesting aspect. According to the architect and naval designer of the new Fiart P54 yacht, Stefano Pastrovich, the company’s new flagship model is extremely versatile: it is designed both for a wide-range cruise, but also for a weekend with family or friends, it can also be used as a chase boat, thanks to the attention to detail and the level of superyacht finishes that distinguish it.

CEO Giancarlo di Luggo, too, at the press meeting at the Genoa Boat Show, proudly illustrated the company’s significant growth, both in terms of production and sales, which have tripled to reach a worldwide sales network that now counts about 40 partners:

“In recent years, Fiart bowhas grown thanks to major investments and the efforts and enthusiasm of a wonderful team. We are continuing to build our future, investing in innovative projects and above all in people, with a constant desire to set the course” said Mr. di Luggo “I am very happy with how our P54 has been received, the first two units have already been sold. The first will be delivered to the customer at the end of November while the second is already in production. We plan to produce six P54s in this first year and I am particularly happy that this innovative project has been received so enthusiastically by the public”.

The new Fiart P54 really won everyone over with its elegant design, dynamic lines and spacious living spaces that were very well received at the premiere. So it was a challenge won in Genoa for Fiart, which in addition to the 54-foot model also exhibited the three models in the Seawalker range: the SW43, SW39 and SW35.

As evidence of public and critical approval, Seawalker 35 has recently been included by a jury of international journalists, among the finalists of the Best of Boats award in the Fun category.

An all-round success that bodes well for the Fiart shipyard, which is already planning new, even more avant-garde, dynamic and welcoming models.

Functionality meets style for an iconic and comfortable Fiart-branded “floating home”.

Sessa Marine at the Genoa Boat Show: unstoppable success


Sessa Marine was present at the Genoa International Boat Show with three important boats: the C38, the C42, and the new C3X FB. Between novelties, revisions, and best sellers, the Italian shipyard drew the public’s attention and gave positive feedback on the aesthetics of the Sessa Marine fleet. As for performance, we have had the pleasure of testing many of their models and, what can we say, they are always brilliant at sea.

At the Cannes Yachting Festival, Sessa-Marine-C3Xwe saw a preview of the new C3X, which we had previously tested and which left us open-mouthed, not only for its fermonance and beauty, but also for the clever development of the three versions: hard top, T-Top and open. As if those three declinations were not enough, the one present at the boat show is the new outboard version, named FB, which brings to as many as six versions of the C3X, capable of satisfying every type of owner.

The cockpit design has been revisited, and it is now possible to obtain a large sundeck with a fold-down table by moving the modular backrest, while the stern platform, equipped with an integrated engine bracket, also facilitates lateral access to the sea, offering generous space despite the presence of the outboards, which can be fitted with up to a maximum of 700 hp.

By now you will no longer be surprised by the choice of interiors, but it is nevertheless important to remember that there are two main layouts: a galley version with a reduced dinette and a lounge version with a large L-shaped sofa that can be converted into an additional bed.


Two separate cabins can be accommodated on board. The Owner’s cabin, located in the stern, features a sofa, a vanity table, a wall cupboard and, above all, a private entrance to the bathroom. The bow section, on the other hand, features the VIP with a double bed and a wardrobe.

The ‘best seller’ model, the C38, could not be missing at the boat show. It is available in variants with a fibreglass canopy or, our favourite, with a sunroof. In 2023, the stern platform will undergo a small, but welcome, makeover: it will become a submersible platform, like that of the C42. As for the latest model, it will also be made available with a flybridge, which for obvious reasons will sacrifice the beautiful sunroof. In short, Sessa Marine is establishing itself as a yard capable of satisfying many owners thanks to the numerous versions of their boats.


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Guidi at the Genoa Boat Show, an ever expanding reality


Once again this year, Guidi Srl took part in the Genoa International Boat Show, now in its 62nd edition. On display at booth TP06 in the upper pavilion B were the world-famous anti-block valves, sea intakes, drains, water purification filters and nautical fittings that have been synonymous with the highest quality for years. A quality that, moreover, our editorial staff continues to monitor, having installed the Italian company‘s sea intakes on board the Daydreamer, our lab- boat, for a good five years.

The participation in the Genoa boat show, traditionally a reference point for national customers, comes at a time when the market is still very positive, with the trend of orders up sharply compared to last year. Of course, the general increase in the cost of energy is being closely monitored even if, fortunately, the company has also made its efforts for some time, installing photovoltaic panels that provide a good portion of the energy consumed.

Guidi-booth-GenoaWork is also continuing at the Grignasco site, which will allow Guidi Srl to improve production efficiency and speed up the logistics chain by expanding production and storage space. The development of new products also continues, thanks to the collaboration with external partners.

September is a month of great excitement for us: we are fresh from our first participation in the SMM in Hamburg, dedicated to the naval sector, and now we are returning to the Genoa boat show to consolidate our presence on the national market.

– comments Daniele Guidi, the company’s Quality & Sustainability manager. –

The numbers comfort us but we know that we have to continue working in several directions both to keep costs under control and to recover marginality. It is not easy in the current context, but we have been through much tougher times and we are reasonably confident.”

Record-breaking numbers for the Genoa Boat Show, positive results for the entire sector.


The just-concluded Genoa International Boat Show draws the conclusions of a record-breaking edition, characterized by truly amazing results. The Ligurian event, held from 22 to 27 September, saw attendance figures grow by 10.7% compared to 2021, totalling no less than 103,812 visitors.

The event, organized by Confindustria Nautica (the Italian Marine Industry Association) and I Saloni Nautici succeeded in capitalising on the great work carried out by the category’s association over the last few years.

This has been not only an incredible Boat Show, but above all an efficient one: in an exceptional moment for the yachting industry, having grown by 31.1%, with a turnover of € 6.1 billion and a workforce growing by 9.7%, visitors have increased by 10.7% since last year to an impressive 103,812, and all contracts have been closed,” says Saverio Cecchi, President of the Italian Marine Industry Association and I Saloni Nautici – The merit goes to the great teamwork, because this is what we are together with the whole Confindustria Nautica, I Saloni Nautici, the Liguria Region, Genoa City Council, and Genoa Chamber of Commerce. A team that as of tomorrow will plan the 2023 Boat Show, scheduled from 21 to 26 September next year, and which does not just need to be good, but to be the best”.

Having more and more visitors is not the only goal, however, because Genoa is working to offer the ultimate visitor experience, which in 2024 will be able to enjoy all the exhibition areas, including the Eastern Waterfront , which will also be the final stage of the Ocean Race in June 2023.

genoa boat show 2022
genoa boat show 2022

” The results have exceeded all expectations and, in addition to the success achieved in terms of the public and businesses, the city has been able to open up and function as a place of high-quality hospitality and entertainment – comments Marco Bucci, the Mayor of Genoa –The next step will be in June 2023 when, on the new Eastern Waterfront which is currently taking shape, Genoa will be the final stage of The Ocean Race. This is a sport in which there is always a finish line: for us, the one shared with the Italian Marine Industry Association and the Saloni Nautici will be the new ten-year agreement starting in 2024, which will include all new exhibition areas”.

The President of the Liguria Region, Giovanni Toti, also expressed his pride in the event and the future goals of the city of Genoa:

” What makes me proud today is not only the number of visitors who came to enjoy the Genoa Boat Show but the rate of growth recorded for employment throughout the entire industry. This is an economy that works, an economy that makes dreams come true, and the Genoa International Boat Show is its focal point. Just like the new Eastern Waterfront, Italy’s largest urban regeneration site, the Show is the dream of a better city becoming a reality”.

62nd genoa boat showRecord-breaking numbers have also been achieved on the communication side, with 1,117 accredited journalists, 644 articles published, and the Boat Show TV, which broadcasted live streams, interviews, conferences, and news reports every day. Social media also registered a record, reaching no less than 1,766,868 people during the event.

These important numbers and novelties are a prelude to an amazing next edition, whose dates have already been set: the Genoa Boat Show 2023 is in fact scheduled from 21 to 26 September.

An event we cannot miss.