Genoa International Boat Show

Selva 21 LV Plus: versatile, appealing and spacious


Made entirely by the Italian boatyard, the Selva 21 LV Plus is a small revolution in the use of space. Thanks to the skillful work of its designers, this inflatable is perfect for a day of leisure or relaxation with your guests, without compromising on the cruising quality that makes Selva Marine one of the best known brands in this sector.

selva 21 LV PLUS testEvery corner is designed to be cosy; not surprisingly, we are talking about the Living line, fitted with some innovative details such as the stern sofas that, in addition to extending along the sides, feature stylised backrests that extend along all three sides. There are also two tables, one in the centre of the bow sofas arranged in a V shape and one in the centre of the stern ones, arranged in a U shape, both ready to disappear and reappear when the boat is shared, as well as the optional awning that covers the entire length of the boat.

The 6-metre hull rests on tubulars in a tri-colour version, taking the total length to 6.30 metres, which however give the perception of being more once on board, thanks to the extremely detailed study work by Selva, which has not even economised on the quality of the extra accessories included and the fine upholstery.

Also available in the Ultra version in anthracite grey, carbon black and cream, with a grey fibreglass hull, the Selva 21 LV Plus is built to accommodate an outboard of up to 150 hp and is designed for 10 people in category C and 14 in category D, fully optimizing all the space in the cockpit dominated by a high-performance raised helm station.

I have described it as versatile, attractive and spacious boat: I will now explain in detail why.

The Selva 21LV Plus in detail

Let us say that the Selva 21 LV Plus is very well indeed made. What I consider to be its main feature is certainly the design of the space, conceived, made and assembled in-house at Selva, like the rest of this boat which is part of the Living line.

But how is such livability achieved despite a hull of only 6 metres? Selva has answered this question with a skillful use of on-board space in every detail, following the philosophy that ‘every single centimetre counts’.

Hence the custom-designed bracket that allows the cockpit to be set back from the previous 650 Family Special, which leaves room for a U-shaped seat at the stern on which comfortable sand-coloured cushions are placed. The stylised backrests are very aesthetically attractive, but also very efficient; I would call them an elegant touch of personality that is, after all, a trademark of this range.

The backrest seat is extremely functional. It is designed for one person, but you can easily fit two, and under the seat there is a handy watertight locker. The steering console is also absolutely ergonomic, and the black V-shaped windscreen gives it a very aggressive look. The console and pilot seat assembly is raised – always a good idea for me because I like the slightly higher driving perspective.

The bow is also a small selva 21 LV PLUS stern viewlounge. Compared to the stern, it has a V shape, at the tip of which is a bowplate that is attached directly to the tubulars; the sofas and console seat surround a second foldaway table that practically duplicates the dining space for improved comfort.

The awning is optional, but I think it’s so beautiful with its grey steel tubing that it would be a shame to do without it, and not just for style’s sake. By extending it, in fact, you can use all the space available. Of course, the whole space converts into two sunbathing areas with the usual Selva practicality. That’s what the ‘Living’ line stands for.

There is also a ‘Plus Ultra’ version of this boat that, compared to the Plus one, includes all the fibreglass in a grey colour, the tubulars and cushions in a specific fabric/colour combination and the Sea Deck cover as standard.

Whatever your choice, you will still have space between the GRP stern decks for an outboard up to 150 hp. Selva will certainly be able to advise you on the best option for your needs.

Selva 21 LV Plus Sea trial

We are on Lake Maggiore on a beautiful sunny day. There is no wind, no waves, just a vast expanse of water and the Isola Madre as a target.

Getting familiar with it is really a matter of a few moments and I immediately feel at ease, so much so that without realizing it I am already pushing the throttle down quite a bit: the Murena 40 XSR Best engine that I have behind me seems to be begging me to let it have some fun, so I go along with it.

The boat gets up on plane at 13 knots and about 3800 rpm, after only 3.05 seconds, and we reach14 knots at 4000 rpm, with consumption under control since we are travelling at about 9.9 l/h, even if, what I consider to be the cruising speed, we touch it at 20 knots: we are at 5000 engine revolutions, with 50% trim and consumption of about 14 l/h.

Although the speed is optimal for a day out on the lake, I want to to see how far I can go. I confess, that’s my favourite thing, so I push the throttle all down. At 5500 rpm, the boat reaches at 23 knots, at 6000 rpm 25 knots, and reaches the maximum for today at around 6200 rpm with a fuel consumption of 22.6 l/h: not bad at all.

selva marine turns

Yes, because despite the speed, the Selva LV 21 Plus is really a rocket, navigation is linear and with no jolts. The boat slices through the water brilliantly, leaving me only to enjoy its performance and the magnificent landscape in front of me.

In short, Selva Marine as always managed to give me good sensations. This inflatable is really very elegant despite the fact that it is also tremendously sporty, a perfect synthesis that makes it fast, agile, and certainly very versatile in different situations that can range from work, to transporting passengers or simply relaxing. The advice is to put it to the test, I am sure that like me you will end the day, whether at sea or on the lake, with a big smile on your face.

Technical Specs

















6.30 m


 2.63 m


150 HP


 130 l


 30 l





min. 750







































Azimut at the Genoa Boat Show: the success of bold, iconic yachts


Azimut exhibited no less than nine models at the recently concluded Genoa International Boat Show 2022. The brand has six different lines of yachts, ranging from 13 to 38 metres, but with one thing in common: to offer owners avant-garde, designer yachts with great emotional appeal.

At the Italian event Azimut presented the new jewel of the Grande line: the latest Grande 26M. The real flagship of an ambitious project which aims to be the new category benchmark and offer the same opportunities as a megayacht in its size.

Azimut-Grande26M exteriorIt is nothing new that the Azimut brand confronts the future with unprecedented innovative solutions. Think for example of the Pod propulsion: brought into vogue by them and today, it is the most successful technology on the market today.

This is also the basis for the innovations that the shipyard, together with ZF, has introduced on the Grande 26M. Thanks to their experience and continuous research, this yacht has a new Pod 4600 propulsion system, installed here for the first time in the world.

The system, which combines this type of engine with a 30% lighter superstructure, thanks to the extensive use of carbon fibre, makes it possible to reduce consumption by 20% compared to a boat of the same size, at the various speeds most frequently used.

This surprising result allows the Grande 26M to be included in Azimut’s Low Emission Yachts range, which already includes half of their range. This is no small achievement, which once again confirms the innovative and sustainable vision of Azimut, a pioneer in the yachting field and world leader in the megayacht sector.

The new Grande 26 confirms all expectations and even exceeds them: first of all, it arranges the interior spaces as in superyachts, then, it divides the flow of the crew (positioned at the bow) from that of the guests, so as to guarantee total privacy.

The element that really Azimut yachtsmakes you fall in love with Grande 26M is the Deck 2 Deck® Terrace: a dream terrace, above the water.

This particular terrace is obtained thanks to the extension of the transom, which can be raised to transform the cockpit into a large space suspended between the sea and the sky, thus becoming both a lounge area and a dining room, thanks to a large walk-around table.

A sophisticated design, a boat synonymous with simplicity and elegance with maximum comfort and minimum emissions, which undoubtedly respects Azimut’s vision, always.

Welcome aboard the change.

Fiart P54 at the Genoa Boat Show: a new icon of style and elegance unveiled


Attention to detail, focus on comfort, extreme liveability on board: once again Fiart amazes and conquers. The Italian shipyard joined the 62nd Genoa Boat Show with its latest addition, a 54-foot model with a clean, elegant design, perfect for all lovers of “beauty”.

Let’s discover the special features of the new model:

Among the prerogatives of the new P54, there was a great enthusiasm for those who crowded the Fiart quay to admire the new model live, the spaciousness of the deck, which guarantees convivial moments in total freedom. The connection between the stern and the bow was also highly appreciated. With a single central corridor, it allows you to imagine a comfortable and connected life on board, like in your own living room.

The below deck offers a functional and cozy living area, a kitchen area with appliances and deluxe equipment. The whole environment is cozy and spacious, thanks also to the many skylights that guarantee a bright and warm environment.

The stern platform hides a storage compartment under the main deck, perfect for stowing a tender and at the same time, with a simple movement it can be turned into a full-beam private beach, allowing easy and safe access to the water or the quay.

fiart p54 genoaThe version exhibited at the Genoa International Boat Show was the 3-cabin one: one aft and two VIP cabins forward. These two cabins can be transformed into a single mini-suite, thanks to a system of sliding wardrobes that, if desired, allow the two areas to be connected. The room finishes were all in dark wood, for the dark layout, but on request it is also possible to have a version with light-coloured interiors. Certainly one of the most appreciable aspects of this new Fiart model is the extreme degree of customization freedom that the owner has. Not only can he decide on the aesthetics of the boat, but also on the layout of the interior spaces, deciding which layout to opt for. It is not just us who recognize this really interesting aspect. According to the architect and naval designer of the new Fiart P54 yacht, Stefano Pastrovich, the company’s new flagship model is extremely versatile: it is designed both for a wide-range cruise, but also for a weekend with family or friends, it can also be used as a chase boat, thanks to the attention to detail and the level of superyacht finishes that distinguish it.

CEO Giancarlo di Luggo, too, at the press meeting at the Genoa Boat Show, proudly illustrated the company’s significant growth, both in terms of production and sales, which have tripled to reach a worldwide sales network that now counts about 40 partners:

“In recent years, Fiart bowhas grown thanks to major investments and the efforts and enthusiasm of a wonderful team. We are continuing to build our future, investing in innovative projects and above all in people, with a constant desire to set the course” said Mr. di Luggo “I am very happy with how our P54 has been received, the first two units have already been sold. The first will be delivered to the customer at the end of November while the second is already in production. We plan to produce six P54s in this first year and I am particularly happy that this innovative project has been received so enthusiastically by the public”.

The new Fiart P54 really won everyone over with its elegant design, dynamic lines and spacious living spaces that were very well received at the premiere. So it was a challenge won in Genoa for Fiart, which in addition to the 54-foot model also exhibited the three models in the Seawalker range: the SW43, SW39 and SW35.

As evidence of public and critical approval, Seawalker 35 has recently been included by a jury of international journalists, among the finalists of the Best of Boats award in the Fun category.

An all-round success that bodes well for the Fiart shipyard, which is already planning new, even more avant-garde, dynamic and welcoming models.

Functionality meets style for an iconic and comfortable Fiart-branded “floating home”.

Otam 58 GTS, the ‘bad boy’ of the sea gets a makeover


The restyling of the Otam 58 GTS has been entrusted to Giuseppe Bagnardi of BG Design Firm. Both performance and interior and exterior comfort have been improved.

New Otam 58 GTS

Hull no. 26 of the iconic Otam 58 GTS, named ‘Bad Boy’, made its world debut at the Cannes Yachting Festival 2022. The restyling enhances the sporty character that everyone expects on an Otam yacht and strengthens its stylistic content, while maintaining its recognisability and respecting the shipyard’s DNA.

Hedonism and functionality

OTAM-58GTS-deckThe Italian BG Design Firm, commissioned to update the design, has not only thought about hedonistic shapes but also functional ones: for example, two new air intakes integrated in the hardtop improve ventilation in the engine room, which is immediately accessible thanks to the hydraulic hatch that guarantees safety and immediate accessibility to the systems.

Two more air intakes positioned on the foredeck, on the other hand, are Otam‘s hallmarks.

The new motor yacht from the Genoese shipyards offers an en plein air sensation thanks to the windscreen and wraparound windows that distinguish the semi-open deckhouse but, at the same time, eliminate the disadvantages of a pure open, offering instead constant protection from the sun and wind. This solution provides a more aerodynamic profile and reduces turbulence to ensure better performance and greater comfort on board at very high speeds.

In the enclosed cockpit, there is a bar, a corner sofa and a comfortable dining area as well as two sundecks aft with a central passageway.

The bathing platform and drainage grates located in the transom have also been redesigned: the latter is now integrated and hidden in the boat’s name.

Below deck, on the other hand, the Otam 58 GTS has two double cabins, each with its own head. There is also an open plan galley and a third single cabin for a guest or crew member.

Bad Boy” Performance

The nickname “Bad Boy” OTAM-58GTS-interiorand the suffix GTS justify the character and intended use of the Otam 58 GTS: the yacht is built to achieve high performance, thanks to the two MTU 1825 hp engines coupled with ASD14 Arneson thrusters, which allow it to reach a cruising speed of 48 knots in total comfort and a top speed of 55.

What is unchanged is the high-performance hull by Tagliavini Marine Design, built using a mix of Aramat and vinylester resin to guarantee total safety and high comfort even at high speeds in all sea conditions.

As with all Otam creations, customisation is paramount and the Otam 58 GTS is built to the owner’s countless specifications, including a Böning dashboard for the helm station.

Specialization, research, flexibility, iconic design, out-of-the-ordinary performance and exceptional efficiency are the values and characteristics that distinguish Otam after 67 years of history and the 58 GTS is no exception,” explains Matteo Belardinelli, Otam’s Sales & Communication DirectorThis is a perfect project for Otam, the ideal shipyard for a client who desires and obtains Total Freedom of Expression combined with performance and efficiency that is unrivalled in all sea conditions.”

Otam 58 GTS – Technical specs


19.20 m


16.75 m


2 x MTU 1825hp


ASD Arneson n 14


Rolla Otam copyright

Cruising Speed

48 kn

Top Speed

55 kn




Record-breaking numbers for the Genoa Boat Show, positive results for the entire sector.


The just-concluded Genoa International Boat Show draws the conclusions of a record-breaking edition, characterized by truly amazing results. The Ligurian event, held from 22 to 27 September, saw attendance figures grow by 10.7% compared to 2021, totalling no less than 103,812 visitors.

The event, organized by Confindustria Nautica (the Italian Marine Industry Association) and I Saloni Nautici succeeded in capitalising on the great work carried out by the category’s association over the last few years.

This has been not only an incredible Boat Show, but above all an efficient one: in an exceptional moment for the yachting industry, having grown by 31.1%, with a turnover of € 6.1 billion and a workforce growing by 9.7%, visitors have increased by 10.7% since last year to an impressive 103,812, and all contracts have been closed,” says Saverio Cecchi, President of the Italian Marine Industry Association and I Saloni Nautici – The merit goes to the great teamwork, because this is what we are together with the whole Confindustria Nautica, I Saloni Nautici, the Liguria Region, Genoa City Council, and Genoa Chamber of Commerce. A team that as of tomorrow will plan the 2023 Boat Show, scheduled from 21 to 26 September next year, and which does not just need to be good, but to be the best”.

Having more and more visitors is not the only goal, however, because Genoa is working to offer the ultimate visitor experience, which in 2024 will be able to enjoy all the exhibition areas, including the Eastern Waterfront , which will also be the final stage of the Ocean Race in June 2023.

genoa boat show 2022
genoa boat show 2022

” The results have exceeded all expectations and, in addition to the success achieved in terms of the public and businesses, the city has been able to open up and function as a place of high-quality hospitality and entertainment – comments Marco Bucci, the Mayor of Genoa –The next step will be in June 2023 when, on the new Eastern Waterfront which is currently taking shape, Genoa will be the final stage of The Ocean Race. This is a sport in which there is always a finish line: for us, the one shared with the Italian Marine Industry Association and the Saloni Nautici will be the new ten-year agreement starting in 2024, which will include all new exhibition areas”.

The President of the Liguria Region, Giovanni Toti, also expressed his pride in the event and the future goals of the city of Genoa:

” What makes me proud today is not only the number of visitors who came to enjoy the Genoa Boat Show but the rate of growth recorded for employment throughout the entire industry. This is an economy that works, an economy that makes dreams come true, and the Genoa International Boat Show is its focal point. Just like the new Eastern Waterfront, Italy’s largest urban regeneration site, the Show is the dream of a better city becoming a reality”.

62nd genoa boat showRecord-breaking numbers have also been achieved on the communication side, with 1,117 accredited journalists, 644 articles published, and the Boat Show TV, which broadcasted live streams, interviews, conferences, and news reports every day. Social media also registered a record, reaching no less than 1,766,868 people during the event.

These important numbers and novelties are a prelude to an amazing next edition, whose dates have already been set: the Genoa Boat Show 2023 is in fact scheduled from 21 to 26 September.

An event we cannot miss.

62nd Genoa International Boat Show: 2022 edition officially presented


On 14th September, the Italian Marine Industry Association (Confindustria Nautica) presented to the press the 62nd Genoa International Boat Show, which will be held from 22ndto 27th September. The event was attended by 12 speakers, including the President of the Italian Trade Agency Carlo Maria Ferro, the President of the Port System Authority for the Western Ligurian Sea Paolo Emilio Signorini, the Secretary General of Genoa’s Chamber of Commerce Maurizio Caviglia, the President of Porto Antico di Genova S.p.A. Mauro Ferrando, the Mayor of Genoa Marco Bucci and the President of the Liguria Region Giovanni Toti.

waterfront-di-levante-renderThe President of the Italian Marine Industry Association, Saverio Cecchi, highlighted that Genoa International Boat Show has reached very high numbers in this year’s edition, with more than 1,000 boats, 998 brands, and 160 novelties on display. The exhibition spaces on the water have increased by 5.2% while the new areas of the Levante waterfront are already under construction, which will guarantee unwavering growth for the next 10 years. Saverio Cecchi then promised to take the problems of the sea economy to the new Parliament.

Once again Liguria will host a global event that year after year confirms itself as an essential meeting place for yachting enthusiasts and industry professionals – explained President of the Liguria Region Giovanni TotiYachting, along with the sea economy and logistics, is one of the core driving forces of the Liguria system, representing the true excellence for our territory and with which the region shares a historical link from both a social and economic standpoint. In addition to this, the Genoa International Boat Show represents an exceptional attraction for tourists in a September that promises to be very successful after an extraordinarily successful Summer. The Liguria administration will obviously be present at the Boat Show with its stand, dedicated to the Liguria 77 promotion campaign, which focuses on the record of Blue Flags achieved once again this year by Liguria and, in particular, on the stopovers and ports throughout the region that have won such a prestigious recognition. Finally, we will also be able to enjoy a full programme of events and exhibitions alongside the event, from fireworks in Piazza De Ferrari during the opening ceremony to the ‘Genoa, galley of the seas’ event, which will expand the Genoa Boat Show, bringing it to and throughout the city itself“.

Marina Stella, Genoa Boat Show docksGeneral Director of Confindustria Nautica, then presented other important data: 35 countries from all five continents will be represented at this edition of Genoa Boat Show, and there will be as many as 651 accredited journalists. Closing the press conference was Prof. Lorenzo Cuocolo, a lecturer who teaches Sustainable Development Law at the Bocconi University of Milan, who illustrated the contents of the Sustainability Honour Code to be adopted by I Saloni Nautici as a national and European first: In particular, the points contained are:

  • Reduction of harmful atmospheric emissions

  • Life cycle of materials used and sustainable waste management

  • Responsible logistics and mobility management

  • Sustainability of the food and beverage sector

  • Efficiency in the use of energy

  • Social responsibility towards workers

This year also saw another record number in ticket sales: with only 8 days to go until the start of the event, ticket sales are up +37.3% compared to last year. If you haven’t done so yet, you can buy your ticket at the following LINK