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Nuova Jolly 850 XL: uncompromised space


Nuova-Jolly-850-XL-top-viewUnveiled in Paris in late 2021, the 850 XL couldn’t miss the Genoa Boat Show where it showed all the quality of Nuova Jolly Marine production, which once again has really thought of everything.

Just look at it and you are immediately struck by its size. Its length is 8.73 metres, which, according to designer Matteo De Francesco himself, is comparable in terms of liveability to a 10.5-metre boat, but with one huge advantage: this boat is also trailerable. In fact, once deflated, its width reaches the maximum limit allowed for road transport with deflated tubulars, which, as I see it, is incredible.

Its numbers are in fact impressive. 3.40 metres wide allowing comfortable passages at every point, a 2 metre by 2 metre bow sundeck, stern platforms that can be modified as needed to accommodate up to two 225 hp outboards each, and the possibility of accommodating as many as 16 people aboard.

Clearly, with dimensions like these there are no limits for the Nuova Jolly 850 XL, which has in fact already been chosen for multiple uses. From tender for large yachts, to yachting, camping, military use and even work, there is no challenge that this boat is not ready to accept, fully satisfying every expectation.

One might think that with spaces like these, cruising performance might be somewhat reduced, sacrificed for comfort. Nothing could be more wrong. Its hull designed in-house by Nuova Jolly Marine is a masterpiece of design that not only makes it glide through the water at great speed (in fact, it reaches 54 knots) but also allows considerable fuel savings.

In short, if you think ‘bigger is better’, I will now explain why this is the right RIB for you.


What does it mean NJ 850 XL sternto think big? If you ask Nuova Jolly Marine, the answer would probably be to never stop and to accept every new challenge head-on, without compromise. And the proof is this 850 XL.

All Italian-made, it is the result of a careful design where every step has been engineered: from the fibreglass moulds made from 3D drawings, to the jigs, right down to the hatches, every element of this boat is expertly thought out to exploit every last centimetre to the full.

Its hull is wide but sharp. It starts at 23° at the stern and reaches 60° at the beginning of the bow wheel with a plate in the centre of the stern itself, which not only facilitates cruising speed but also reduces consumption and friction.

The bowplate is hybrid, a distinctive trademark of this line made up of the tubular that wraps around the entire boat, with an integrated concealed fairlead that has a double advantage: aesthetically it is very clean and there are no bulky elements in sight, but at the same time it is easy to manoeuvre when docking.

The boat is also very side-deck comfortable to drive. The helm station accommodates a large two-seater sofa in front of which a modern console with a 12” screen opens out, with space next to it for storing everything you need, thanks to two storage compartments, a double cup holder and electrical sockets for various recharges.

Then, of course, its interior spaces: it is when relaxing that you understand that XL acronym. The sofas are large and comfortable, and both fore and aft offer the possibility of sitting at the table or transforming them into wide, extremely comfortable sundecks. Between the lockers and watertight compartments there is all the space you need to store everything you need for a yachting day, but also for camping or work, making the Nuova Jolly 850 XL truly perfect for any occasion.

There is also a toilet with a 1.70 metre chemical toilet, a 42 litre refrigerator, sink and chopping board which naturally become essential elements for its liveability, as well as the long awning which, using the steel or fibreglass T-Top, extends to the entire 8.70 metres of the boat. Personally, I always find this a great thing, as I often find myself camping with the family and, at the time of my girls’ nap, all this shade makes resting definitely more pleasant.

Last but not least, the stern houses one last practical innovation, namely the movable swim platforms which, depending on your choice, can accommodate one or two outboards of up to 450 hp: which means going fast, and enjoying that aspect of the sea that we can’t leave out, namely the pleasure and adrenaline of driving. In the water it is very stable, but as soon as it gets up on plane its 1,400 kg (dry) disappear to leave room for great handling, which adds to the list of positive aspects.

This boat wins you over with a simple, extremely clean style that definitely stands out. But it is once you are on board that you realize its full potential: if in fact everyone has their own needs at sea, with this 850 XL the Nuova Jolly Marine has thought well of satisfying them all.




Nuova Jolly






1XXL – 2 XXL




8,730 cm


3,400 cm


2 x 225 HP


300 l


65 l

Mediterranean en Rose: interview with the raid girls


We had previously talked about the Mediterranean en Rose, a raid organized by Nuova Jolly with an all-female crew and the aim of raising funds for the Lorenzo Perrone Association, whose ‘Pink Heart’ project provides a free medical transport service for women who have to undergo cancer visits and treatment. We had the chance to interview the three girls of the crew who have now arrived in Varazze, their next-to-last stop: Sara Aiello, Daniela Covati and Carla Gnemmi. The initiative, also involving Simrad and Suzuki, was a great success and we hope it will trigger a considerable butterfly effect.

Joining the Mediterranean en Rose was an honour, as well as fun. Combining a passion for the sea with such an important cause as the Lorenzo Perrone Association’s Pink Heart project and sharing this experience with historical partners such as Nuova Jolly and Suzuki was the perfect culmination to a year of raids and adventures, even transoceanic ones, such as that of Sergio Davì” says Roberto Sesenna, General Manager Simrad Italia – As far as the role of women in the boating world is concerned, we are happy with this initiative and we hope that these female enterprises will be more and more frequent and that they will no longer make the news, except for the sporting content and adventurous spirit of the crew”.

Mediterranean en Rose VarazzeHow did the idea for Mediterranean in Rose come about?

Sara Aiello: “By watching Sergio Davì‘s live broadcasts. Antonio had noticed that there were a lot of women commenting enthusiastically and one day he came to me asking if I wanted to do a women-only crossing.

We wanted to remember the roots of Nuova Jolly by starting from Calabria, in Amantea, and the arrival at the Genoa Boat Show coincided with the dates”

How many miles did you travel aboard Nuova Jolly’s Prince 22? In what weather conditions?

Carla Gnemmi: “468 miles. The first two segments were really flat and it was very hot. We did them all in one day. Then we did 140 miles to get to Naples. After this leg there started to be a bit of a wave and after Circeo we found a 25-knot mistral. It wasn’t dangerous, but a bit uncomfortable. When we arrived we were a bit tired. We got as far as Piombino, welcomed Sara, Maddy and Velina and stopped at Bocca di Magra. Daniela was the fastest doing 37.2 knots, but Elena was also not far behind.”

What do you think NJ-Prince-22about the role of women in the boating sector? Do you think the Mediterranean en Rose can contribute to improving the position of the female gender in the world and, above all, in the boating sector?

Sara Aiello: “Compared to other fields, boating is still lagging behind, especially in Italy, where there is still a lot of machismo and commoditisation of women, who are only seen as models on dinghies. We also had confirmation of this when we were getting petrol, where people would look at us strangely and ask if we were capable. Then they saw that we were doing well and went whistling. There is a lot of room for improvement: a woman can be a model as well as being at the helm.”

Do you plan to repeat a similar feat? If so, on which route?

Sara Aiello: “We have thought of repeating it, if not annually because it is very time-consuming, at any rate addressing a different entity each time. As for the route, we haven’t thought about it yet, but it wouldn’t be bad to go around Sardinia or up the Adriatic coast from Lecce.”

Prince-22-underwayWe then asked Riccardo Perrone and Rosalba Tanda, vice-president and president of Associazione Lorenzo Perrone, a question:

What did this charity initiative represent for you?

Riccardo Perrone: “The attention of a great friend (Antonio), because when a person puts something like this together with such commitment, it is always moving. The contribution has been there, but Antonio tells me it’s not over yet.”

Rosalba Tanda: “The funds obtained will be used for the free medical transport of women who have to undergo oncological examinations and treatment with one of our two association cars.”

Riccardo Perrone: “The venture is over, but the support does not end here. We know that this initiative has brought attention and awareness. a piece came out on mediaset, we are making contact with other news channels, we have had a return in the specialist press and local magazines. We are keen that everything we do remains free of charge.”