Cannes Yachting Festival

Pardo GT75, the latest Pardo Yachts’ 23-metre addition


At the Cannes Yachting Festival 2022, Pardo Yachts unveiled its new flagship, the Pardo GT75, which is positioned between the Walkaround and Endurance ranges.

Pardo GT75, a villa on the high seas

Pardo-GT75The new high-performance 75-footer is the new flagship of the Pardo Yachts fleet and is positioned between the Walkaround and Endurance ranges.

The spaces and volumes of the latest GT from the Forlì-based shipyard have been designed for those owners who want to live the yacht like a floating villa in total relaxation, with interiors and exteriors suitably designed to enjoy a privileged sailing experience.

Versatility is one of the GT75’s key features: compared to her little sister the GT52, the Pardo GT75 increases the layout possibilities, both for interior and exterior spaces.

The communication of these spaces materializes thanks to the aft door, which can be fully opened combined with the roof in semi-open mode, the sliding doors to both passages and the side windows that can be opened.

The deep-V hull guarantees both safety at sea and sailing comfort, while maintaining a special focus on sustainability: the aim is always to create a perfect harmony with the environment in which the owners will be sailing.

Four different engines while waiting for the hybrid

The lines of the Pardo GT75 have been designed by Zuccheri Yachts Design, while the Nauta Design studio has handled the interiors and exteriors. There is a wide range of engines available: starting with the standard 3 x D13 IPS 900 and then going up to the 1050, 1200 or 1350, with an engine room already prepared for the Volvo hybrid engine upgrade, a solution that allows high performance to be achieved with a reduced impact on the marine environment.

A configuration for everyone

At the Cannes Yachting Festival thePardo-GT75_Tender-garage two aft area layouts of the Pardo GT75 were unveiled, enhancing its versatility.

The “Tender” version, as the name suggests, can accommodate a tender in the garage underneath the sundeck, which is raised by an electric mechanism.

In the “Beach” version, the entire aft area is transformed into a terrace overlooking the sea, from which there is private access to the owner’s cabin. This is a true suite furnished and designed with extreme care, with a privileged view of breathtaking panoramas and awakenings. When the aft deck is uncluttered, it can be fitted out as desired, with free-standing furnishings making the space even more versatile: beach area by day, terrace overlooking the sea for cocktails and parties at sunset.

Both configurations include the option of fold-down side terraces, which increase the space on board the Pardo GT75 even further. The walkaround character of the new Pardo Yacht flagship is reflected in the side decks, which rise up to deck level to create a very large flush area for relaxation in the bow, where there is a living area with a C-shaped sofa, a table and a generous sundeck amidships.

Elegant and functional interior

The main deck of the Pardo GT75 combines aesthetic and functional features, to guarantee comfort on board even during long cruises, especially when there are guests, who are welcomed by high quality materials and bright environments, thanks to the presence of large windows. On the GT75 too, the interiors are available in a galley-up or galley-down version, to allow the owner to experience the yacht either in a more convivial or more private manner.

In the galley-up version, the main deck features a superbly equipped galley, in front of which a comfortable L-shaped sofa with dining table can accommodate up to 7 guests. The connection with the outdoor dining area in the cockpit makes the main deck one large space to be enjoyed at all times of the day.

In the galley-down layout, on the other hand, the main deck houses a huge living area, equipped with large sofas, which, thanks to the roof in semi-open mode, the side windows and the sliding aft door, provides guests with continuous contact with the sea. In this version, the well-equipped galley is located below deck amidships, allowing the boat to be enjoyed throughout the year.


Exclusive and quiet sleeping zone

owner's cabinThe layout of the lower deck is no less versatile and different solutions have been designed for the sleeping area as well.

As already mentioned the owner’s cabin in the “Beach” version becomes a real suite, while in the “Tender Garage” version, on the other hand, the same cabin is accessible from the internal staircase, like the rest of the sleeping area.

Space varies according to requirements: the lower deck configuration is designed to accommodate two, three or four cabins, for a total of 10 berths (including a double crew cabin). The standard version of the yacht is the three-cabin, three-bathroom configuration, where the study of the environments has led to the creation of balanced and furnished spaces worthy of larger yachts.

The shipyard’s various proposals designed for this 75 footer make it possible to enjoy the time spent on board in direct contact with the sea in an elegant and exclusive setting.

Pardo GT75: open soul, utmost comfort

But there’s more beyond the premiere of the GT75: in fact, at Pardo Yachts, development has already begun on the Pardo 75, which will be the T-Top version of the flagship. This is a completely open model, which follows the evolution of the Walkaround range.

Le novità non finiscono con l’anteprima del GT75: infatti, in casa Pardo Yachts sono già iniziati gli sviluppi di Pardo 75, che rappresenterà la versione T-Top dell’ammiraglia. Si tratta di un modello completamente open, che segue l’evoluzione della gamma Walkaround.

Pardo GT75: technical specs


22.86 m

Max Beam

5.99 m

Fuel Tank Capacity

4200 l

Water Tank Capacity

1,200 l

Standard engines

3 x D13 IPS 900

Optional Engines

3 x D13 IPS1050
3 x D13 IPS1200
3 x D13 IPS1350


Cantiere del Pardo
Nauta Design
Zuccheri Yacht Design

tender garage

Pardo Yachts

Otam 58 GTS, the ‘bad boy’ of the sea gets a makeover


The restyling of the Otam 58 GTS has been entrusted to Giuseppe Bagnardi of BG Design Firm. Both performance and interior and exterior comfort have been improved.

New Otam 58 GTS

Hull no. 26 of the iconic Otam 58 GTS, named ‘Bad Boy’, made its world debut at the Cannes Yachting Festival 2022. The restyling enhances the sporty character that everyone expects on an Otam yacht and strengthens its stylistic content, while maintaining its recognisability and respecting the shipyard’s DNA.

Hedonism and functionality

OTAM-58GTS-deckThe Italian BG Design Firm, commissioned to update the design, has not only thought about hedonistic shapes but also functional ones: for example, two new air intakes integrated in the hardtop improve ventilation in the engine room, which is immediately accessible thanks to the hydraulic hatch that guarantees safety and immediate accessibility to the systems.

Two more air intakes positioned on the foredeck, on the other hand, are Otam‘s hallmarks.

The new motor yacht from the Genoese shipyards offers an en plein air sensation thanks to the windscreen and wraparound windows that distinguish the semi-open deckhouse but, at the same time, eliminate the disadvantages of a pure open, offering instead constant protection from the sun and wind. This solution provides a more aerodynamic profile and reduces turbulence to ensure better performance and greater comfort on board at very high speeds.

In the enclosed cockpit, there is a bar, a corner sofa and a comfortable dining area as well as two sundecks aft with a central passageway.

The bathing platform and drainage grates located in the transom have also been redesigned: the latter is now integrated and hidden in the boat’s name.

Below deck, on the other hand, the Otam 58 GTS has two double cabins, each with its own head. There is also an open plan galley and a third single cabin for a guest or crew member.

Bad Boy” Performance

The nickname “Bad Boy” OTAM-58GTS-interiorand the suffix GTS justify the character and intended use of the Otam 58 GTS: the yacht is built to achieve high performance, thanks to the two MTU 1825 hp engines coupled with ASD14 Arneson thrusters, which allow it to reach a cruising speed of 48 knots in total comfort and a top speed of 55.

What is unchanged is the high-performance hull by Tagliavini Marine Design, built using a mix of Aramat and vinylester resin to guarantee total safety and high comfort even at high speeds in all sea conditions.

As with all Otam creations, customisation is paramount and the Otam 58 GTS is built to the owner’s countless specifications, including a Böning dashboard for the helm station.

Specialization, research, flexibility, iconic design, out-of-the-ordinary performance and exceptional efficiency are the values and characteristics that distinguish Otam after 67 years of history and the 58 GTS is no exception,” explains Matteo Belardinelli, Otam’s Sales & Communication DirectorThis is a perfect project for Otam, the ideal shipyard for a client who desires and obtains Total Freedom of Expression combined with performance and efficiency that is unrivalled in all sea conditions.”

Otam 58 GTS – Technical specs


19.20 m


16.75 m


2 x MTU 1825hp


ASD Arneson n 14


Rolla Otam copyright

Cruising Speed

48 kn

Top Speed

55 kn




Felci Yacht: at Cannes with two new projects


Felci Yacht was present at the Cannes Yachting Festival with two new Custom projects designed for ICE yachts- a yard specializing in building exclusive custom-built yachts in very small series – and its latest project for Dufour Yachts, the new ‘entry level’ of the famous French shipyard specialising in large series production.

Apparently therefore two different production worlds with two different types of customers.

How do you combine these two worlds within a single design studio?

Bringing together these two worlds, these two ways of interpreting both design and the project as a whole, is certainly not something that can be improvised.


We have been fortunate enough to have had to relate to these two realities from our very beginnings; we have always had to split our time between making unique products, communicating directly with the end customer, and designing boats, both racing and cruising, destined to be reproduced in multiple units.

How is it possible to combine the technical requirements necessary to produce a custom-made project down to executive detail with those of easy production and product transversality necessary for a project intended for series production?

felci-underwayIt’s true, the two types of design are very different, both in concept and technical terms.

On the one hand, there is the need to create a unique, custom-made object, tailored for the customer, while respecting the peculiarities and traditions of the shipyard; on the other hand, there is the need to create an economically sustainable product, easy to mass-produce, but not lacking in those aesthetic and functional values that today’s market can no longer give up.

In order to succeed in combining these requirements, which at times may even appear to be opposing, a very broad competence is needed, which makes it possible to dialogue constructively with the various players involved, and also the ability to weigh up, evaluate and know how to carry out the various choices with balance.

What is your connection with the creations of Felci Yacht, once your designs are turned into reality?

We feel that our designs generate what will become the life, the character of the boat or boats that will be born in the future.

In a way, beyond all the requests we receive, we like to think that we are the ones who give a certain DNA to a project and thus to a real object.

Clearly, during the development of the project there will be the necessary mediations, the necessary balances linked to the world of production with which we will be dealing, but certainly the ability to dialogue with the clients first, and then with the workers is one of the most difficult and most fascinating aspects of this job.

How much gratification does your presence at Cannes give you?

The new cannes-yachting-festivalprojects that are presented by Felci Yacht here at Cannes certainly give meaning to our work, not just that of the yard that physically builds them.

It seems clear to me that successful products, as we hope those of Ice Yachts and Dufour will be, are such thanks to the experience and commitment of so many entities.

Design, by definition, is carried out first and therefore has the specific task of drawing the guidelines that the rest of the process must then follow.

This does not mean imposing one’s own choices and personal vision of the product, but working with a clear responsibility for one’s role and what, if well managed, it can bring to the product.


Fabiani Yacht at the Cannes Yachting Festival: all the formulas for premium hybrid yachts


Fabiani Yacht: the most innovative elements on display on models

At the Cannes Yachting Festival we had the opportunity to chat with engineer Maurizio Fabiani, who explained some of the details that make his yachts truly unique in our opinion. From the engineer’s pencil came two lines of superyachts that differ in the type of propulsion, classic and hybrid, which in turn are available in 70, 77, 100 and 101 lengths. On display at Fabiani’s booth at the Palais des Festivales were models, all extremely well made, which managed to attract the attention of many visitors, most of whom were stunned by such a futuristic project.

Fabiani Yacht electric carIn all models, the stern platform also serves as a gangway, and it can be raised up to the flybridge or lowered up to one metre underwater thanks to a patented rail system, facilitating operations such as launching and hauling a tender.

Even, as seen from the scale model, it is possible to park a small electric car in the garage, aligning the platform to the dock.

We were really amazed by the Fabiani Yacht Hybrid 101′ with its majestic structural sail: it is a surface covered in solar panels that can also propel the yacht with the force of the wind, assisting in electric navigation and reducing consumption.

Despite the hesitations, structural sailengineer Fabiani has already demonstrated through numerous calculations the safety and rigidity of such a rigid structure that can withstand wind gusts of 100 km/h.

Anyway, the boat is equipped with an alarm system that automatically closes the structural sail and the other solar panels if needed.

The solar panels are positioned on both sides of the structure that juts out between decks. In the upper part, the classic solar panels absorb direct sunlight, while in the lower part the amorphous solar panels absorb reflected light from the sea at the expense of lower efficiency.

We were delighted to hear that work on the Wedgeline Hybrid 77, whose keel was laid in April, is progressing smoothly, and that we will be able to see the first hull in the water in about a year and a half. Honestly, we are looking forward to it.

CMC Marine at the Cannes Yachting Festival: increasingly present on megayachts


CMC Marine, an increasingly important company in the field of electric stabilizers, joins the Cannes Yachting Festival 2022 with some of its products from the Stabilis Electra, Thrusters and Steering Systems range. The Italian company is actually the first to have developed and manufactured electric fin stabilizers which, thanks to their reliability and the recent Argo system, are being installed on many boats, from 12-metre units up to mega-yachts of up to 80 metres. Furthermore, important agreements have been signed in recent years, such as with Saim and Eliche Radice; in short, the future of electric stabilizers is brighter than ever.

CMC Marine thrusterThe Stabilis Electra family of stabilizers is designed for boats over 18 metres in length and at the CMC Marine booth at the Palais des Festivals we were able to see one of its representatives, the HS 60, for lengths between 23 and 35 metres.

We were also amazed after seeing a STAB 25, a fin from the latest ultra-compact Waveless line suitable for boats between 15 and 24 metres, in operation. The new range is suitable for boats from 12 to 40 metres and is distinguished by high compactness, low maintenance and high energy efficiency. The booth also housed a TP20 and a DIRECTA 80, a thruster and a steering system respectively. The latter are also easy to install and low-noise.

HS-60CMC-DIRECTA-80The next important appointment for the company will be the Monaco Yacht Show, from 28 September to 1 October, where they will bring an HS160, one of the largest fin stabilizers for superyachts over 50 metres. All CMC products boast excellent compatibility and integration with many third-party products thanks to the Argo software, launched in 2020, which provides better course control, reducing fuel consumption and making navigation more comfortable. Argo is currently installed on several yachts and super yachts and demonstrates the excellent capabilities of CMC Marine’s research and development department in creating cutting-edge products.

For more information on CMC Marine’s products, please visit the following LINK

Cannes Yachting Festival 2022: the best 12 premieres on display


Starting tomorrow, the doors of the Cannes Yachting Festival 2022, Europe’s largest in-water show that has been inaugurating the boating season for 45 years, will be opening. Numerous shipyards will display their boats along the Croisette and just as many will unveil their world premieres in Cannes. In particular, during this edition of the Cannes Yachting festival, 140 world premieres will be unveiled, representing over 20% of the boats on display.

Cannes Yachting Festival 2022 Pirelli 50At the Quai Max Laubeuf there will be Jenneau, on the quay to the left of the entrance, with its Merry Fisher 1295 Fly, a 40-footer with outboard propulsion. Designed for family cruising, it once again establishes the yard as a leader in this market segment. Further on, Sirena Yacht will show the new 78, an intermediate model in the Sirena Yacht range with a customizable layout. It is a monohull suitable both as a recreational boat and for long-distance cruises.

In the Super Yacht Extension area, Baglietto will be presenting the 10236, an aluminium 41.70 m superyacht designed by Francesco Paszkowski. Thanks to its displacement platform, it will be able to reach a top speed of 28 knots and with a beam of 8.70 metres, with a capacity of a dozen guests aboard. De Antonio Yachts will also present a new model, the D50 Coupe, an open cruiser that improves the comfort and safety features of the range by incorporating a superstructure around the helm station. Van Der Valk will be exhibiting Lady Lene, a 34-metre explorer that won a jury award at the World Superyacht Awards 2022. Designed and built with a fast-displacement hull, she offers high performance with low fuel consumption.

Lekker Boats will be at Quai Saint-Pierre with its Lekker 44, an outboard powerboat capable of reaching a maximum speed of over 50 knots. At the Esplanade Pantiero there will be Sacs TecnoRib exhibiting the Pirelli 50, the flagship of the walkaround line designed in collaboration with the Mannerfelt Design studio as a versatile RIB intended for everyday use as a tender for superyachts or for medium-range cruises.

At Jetée, Ice-70-rsSan Lorenzo will present the new Sp110. This is the first superyacht in the open line, equipped with water jet propulsion and solar panels. Moving on to the sailing area, Ice Yacht, will be exhibiting its ICE 70rs, a highly customisable yacht that combines performance and elegance. Nawtor’s Swan, on the other hand, will bring the 55, a legacy of the 1970s model that has inspired designers such as Sparkman & Stephens. Last but not least, Fountain Pajot Sailing will unveil the Aura 51 catamaran, capable of producing 2000 watts of renewable energy thanks to solar panels distributed on the surface.

You have until 11 September to visit all the Cannes Yachting Festival 2022 premieres; for more information please visit the following LINK

Not just Yachting Festival, Cannes city guide


This year again, the Cannes Yachting Festival is ready to open its doors. From September 6 to 11 a large number of gleaming yachts, sailboats and inflatables will welcome visitors moored at the various quays of the Vieux Port and Port Canto. For outsiders or buyers who have some free time on their hands, a tour of the surroundings is a must. Here is a small guide of what to do in Cannes during a break from the boat show.

Rue Meynadier

A 3-minute walk from the Cannes Yachting Festival.

Since the 16th century, the ‘Grande Rue’ or rue Maynadier has been traversed by horses and carriages. Today it is pedestrians-only. You will be greeted by the soaring plaque engraved with the street’s name.

An excellent alternative to the famous Croisette, it offers various shopping opportunities: flowers, perfumes, essential oils, macarones, truffles, calvados and anchovies from the Cantabrian Sea.

Along the street, there are numerous Provençal trattorias and patisseries where you can enjoy tartes and pastis.

Marché Forville

A 6-minute Cannes-wallswalk from the Cannes Yachting Festival. Continuing along rue Meynadier you will come across the Marché Forville, which amazes with its bizarre red structure. Inside, you can lose yourself in the colours of the stalls overflowing with fruit and vegetables, flowers and skilfully arranged plants. You can also buy fresh fish, oysters and other typical products from Provence.

On Mondays, le Marché Forville transforms into a curious marché du brocante where you can find furniture and old-fashioned trinkets.

Suquet district

An 8-minute walk from the Cannes Yachting Festival.

The Suquet hill, the oldest district of the city, is an entire pedestrian area and can be visited by walking along the small winding streets that climb up to the old castle of Castre, now the Musée de la Castre that exhibits, among other works, paintings by post-impressionist Provençal artists. The symbol of the medieval castle is the square tower, not to be confused with the more famous Tour du Masque, which is located a few hundred metres lower down. The name ‘du Masque’ refers to the legend that a man, possibly the twin brother of King Louis XIV, was imprisoned here with his face concealed by an iron mask.  The man, more likely a simple prisoner, died within the walls of the tower after years of hardship and without anyone ever finding out who he was. It seems that his ghost, mask included, still hovers in the tower.

Just beyond the Musée de la Castra stands the Gothic church Notre Dame de l’Esperance. The construction of the church lasted more than a century from 1521 to 1641 and was not consecrated until 1645 for the Feast of the Annunciation. Inside, one can admire the wooden statues of Saint Anne and Our Lady of Hope, the latter adored by the town’s fishermen for its thaumaturgic properties.

Iles de Lerins Sainte Marguerite and Saint Honorat

Cannes yachting Festival guideA 6-minute walk from the boat show (Embarcadère Ile Sainte Marguerite).

Hourly ferry. Crossing takes 15 minutes.

Ile de Sainte Marguerite and ile Saint Honorat form the Lérins Islands archipelago. Completely surrounded by greenery and rich in nature trails, they represent the other side of Cannes. Here, it is possible to forget the glossy, glittering atmosphere of the coastline by breathing in the salubrious air among the Aleppo pines and holm oaks or diving into the crystal-clear waters of the numerous bays.

In Sainte Marguerite, you can admire the Bateguier pond, the old Fort Royale from which the man with the iron mask escaped and was later captured and locked up in the Tour du Masque, and visit the Musée de la Mer .

The island of Saint Honorat, on the other hand, is a private island belonging to the monks of Lerin Abbey. You can walk along paths immersed in the woods and bordered by small streams and reach the five monuments that dot the island: the monastery tower, the Saint Sauveur Chapel, the Trinity Chapel and two cannonball ovens from the Napoleonic era.

Cannes will therefore surprise and entertain you as well, leaving you free to buy the boating market’s latest novelties.