Yacht Digest N.3 | ITALIANO

Yacht Digest N.3 | 2019 Italian

The International Yachting Media Digest is the first multimedia nautical magazine. It’s a quarterly periodical to be consulted in multimedia mode online or on our dedicated app, downloadable from any device and available in the most important virtual newsstands in the world.

In this third issue, divided into eight different thematic areas, we visit the latest news from the most important and prestigious boat shows of the 2019/2020 nautical season’s opening, with particular attention to the best September debuting boats, including the Ocean Alexander 84R by Ocean Alexander Yachts, Franchini Mia 6.3 by Franchini Yachts, the new arrival at Pardo Yachts, the elegant Pardo 38, the surprising Contest 72 CS by Contest Yachts and the great Swan return with the beautiful Swan 48.

Our specials

We tell you everything about our first-hand experience while visiting two very important Italian shipyards, which represent excellence in the field of engineering and nautical motorization: it’s a pleasure to welcome you to Filippetti Yacht and Selva Marine.

For the “Sea Trials” section

we board onto the MCY 76 for an exciting sea trial starting from Monfalcone, in the enchanting stretch of sea in front of Trieste. We also test how the new GS 48 Performance of Cantiere del Pardo and the Zar 95 SL, the amazing maxi-rib by Zar Formenti, performed at sea. It’s then the Absolute Navetta 68 time, the most recent and precious creation of Absolute Yachts. The modern Elan Impression 45.1, the last jewel of Elan Yachts, the famous Slovenian manufacturer, closes the series.

The nautical accessories corner

of this issue is dedicated to the discovery of Illumina Custom, an all-Italian company that has always been synonymous with passion, design and quality which has recently entered the yachting sector, expanding its civil experience and bringing its brand up to new excellence levels.

The International Yachting Media Digest it’s not only nautical though:

Discover the luxury and lifestyle entirely dedicated section

with the in-depth study of the new MC2 Quick Gyro gyroscopic stabilizers by Quick SpA. The famous Ravenna-based company, has indeed chosen to communicate its revolutionary product through an ironic advertising campaign characterized by short sketches in light tones, which shows how the stabilizers have now become an essential element of comfort for the demanding and modern shipowner at the sea.

For newbies or for owners who’re always looking for nautical tricks and didactics, we share with you a practical guide to re-project your dream cabin. Nothing better than some good advices on LED lighting for those who would like to give a new, fresher and more modern image to their boat’s interior, although they cannot afford grand style expensive restructuring.

Last, but not least, we sail towards “Itineraries”, the final thematic area of ​​this third issue of The International Yachting Media Digest, which allows us to extend our virtual journey a little further with a dream tour across the revolving bridge of the Ossero Canal.