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About Yacht Digest

Yacht Digest is an interactive multimedia quarterly magazine dedicated to the world of high-end yachting.
Yacht Digest is the only "advertising free" magazine in the world and is featured by an engaging, elegant and glossy graphic design.

Yacht Digest

"The only advertising free magazine in the world"

Yacht Digest is a magazine where pictures and words have no space limits. Where the total absence of advertising facilitates an uninterrupted and complete reading experience. A boating magazine that can offer the best of the multimedia world in a container that, effectively, does not need paper to be leafed through but that manages to summarize and enhance the purest and most important values.

As our loyal readers know, our digital magazine, entirely dedicated to the world of high-end yachting, brings all the best of printed paper to the Web, offering the user the pleasure of traditional browsing, but with the added value of in-depth information through interactive videos and links.

Our issues, published in Italian and English as usual, stands out for the richness of their average foliation: 500 pages of pure ad-free content, always with special focus on images, in accordance with the digital approach that distinguishes us.

Yacht Digest is a quarterly magazine that, with release dates that follow the the schedules of the major international boat shows, is accessible in multimedia mode, downloadable from any electronic device and available in the world’s main virtual kiosks.

A boating magazine rich of news, sea trials, articles as well as columns about luxury that, although not essential, inevitably ends up becoming one.

And don’t be surprised if, leafing through our magazine, pictures will come to life, some words in the text will be hyperlinks and the index will be interactive; Yacht Digest is, as all our products, technological and innovative.


The International Yachting Media was born in 2014, from the entrepreneurial creativity of Luca D’Ambrosio who, awarded for digital innovation in 2011 by the President of the Italian Republic, has developed a digital native and unique system for the international broadcasting of nautical news.

“Our media approach is a unique reality in the publishing panorama.” says Luca D’Ambrosio, founder of the publishing group “The innovative and fully digital strategy, together with the internationalisation, are the key to our success around the world”.

The group currently broadcast 6 magazines in 8 languages reaching more than 200 countries every day.

All the publisher’s magazines are based on quality of information, an enhanced multimedia approach and hyper-connected user experience. The International Yachting Media offers a unique interactive experience, where every reader is lead through an extraordinary journey made of hypertextual features, animated photos, sound effects and breath-taking videos.

Our magazines offer the best of the multimedia world in a container that does not need paper to be leafed through but that manages to summarise and enhance the purest and most important values digitally.

The system is independent from the original language of the article; our staff translates, composes and publishes content worldwide and within 24 hours. In parallel with the articles published, our team distributes content on our English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, German, Russian, Arabic and Italian social network pages.