Brunswick Corporation conquers the “World’s Best Employers”title for third consecutive year


A nomination already obtained by Brunswick Corporation in the previous two years, which is reconfirmed for the third consecutive year in the list of the ‘World’s Best Employers’.

Once again this year, Brunswick Corporation has made its way among the thousands of companies that Forbes, the US business publication, observes around the world by ranking in the top 15% of all organizations.

This is a far from foregone conclusion; the company had already won the nomination in 2020 and 2021, but to be confirmed for the third year in a row takes on a whole other value. The ranking compiled by Forbes placed Brunswick Corporation at number 104 out of 800 companies selected as ‘World’s Best Employers’, an improvement of 12 positions compared to 2021. A ranking and position of honour that rewards the company’s philosophy: inclusiveness, fairness and equal career opportunities. Winning a place in the rankings is not so easy. On the contrary, the company had to pass stringent checks by Forbes, both with regard to its employees and the services it can offer its workers.

Brunswick-ForbesThis is the most prestigious international employer accolade that can be given to a company, but it is not the only one the Brunswick Corporation has been nominated for: this year alone, it was also listed by Forbes as ‘America’s Best Large Employer’ and ‘America’s Best Employer for Diversity”. And that’s not all: last year it was also nominated in the ranking for ‘Best Employer for Veterans’.

With success after success, Brunswick continues to move forward in the boating world, bringing prestige to the entire category by breaking down many cultural and social barriers that allow the company to be one of the best in the world for: opportunity, career, diversity, equality and social commitment.

Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer Jill Wrobel, satisfied with the company’s achievements, commented:

We are thrilled to be named to the Forbes World’s Best Employers list for the third consecutive year. This award is a testament to our connected culture and recognizes our commitment to building an inclusive and diverse workplace to support our colleagues around the world”.

With more than 18,000 employees globally, 29 operating bases in 29 countries and an unwavering commitment to the company itself and to all consumers, Brunswick is actively dedicated to defining, creating and continuing the innovation of the future of the yachting market.



Sacs Tecnorib sweeps the board at Monaco Yacht Show


For the third year running Sacs Tecnorib, the brand that has set new trends in the industry by inaugurating the Maxi Rib era, was the protagonist of the ‘chase boats’ segment at the Monaco Yacht Show, a unique opportunity to showcase a range that seems to fit the needs of this sector perfectly.

Monaco is the Superyacht Show. andrea loroThe concentration of skippers and owners is unique in the world, and for Sacs Tecnorib the percentage of owners using our products as Chase Boats is great, – Andrea Loro, Sales Director at Sacs Tecnorib, told us during the event – So the fact that we are here in such a strategic location also gives us excellent potential. This is the third year that we have been in this situation with our booth and we have always achieved excellent results“.

Montecarlo is certainly the ideal place to meet owners, gather important information also for future developments and live the experience to the full, following, among other things, a concept that Sacs knows well and that has a name all its own: the Sacs Experience.

Sacs Experience goes hand in hand with the market. – continues Andrea Loro – While 10 years ago customers were looking for a specific product, today we sell an experience instead.

Sales are very cross-sectional, the customer is looking for a product in which he or she recognizes himself or herself: beautiful, stylish, and guaranteeing a complete on-board experience with ample sunbathing spaces combined with shaded relaxation areas where he or she can listen to music, have a cool drink, and spend quality time with loved ones and friends. The brand, of course, is also important, with its reputation and product type, but in the end it is always the aesthetic taste that drives.

sacs-rebel-40So the fact that we have launched this Rebel line, which is a sort of middle ground between our core business, i.e. the maxi tender/maxi RIB of which we are world leaders, and a more traditional boat, has brought many customers closer to the space and comfort of a luxury boat, but with an ‘aggressive RIB’ aspect.

This has decreed the success of the Rebel range, which was born in 2017 and already boasts three models, with the fourth on the way.

Today experience is sold as I said. To make a comparison it’s like buying a dress that you like, you look for something that looks good; well, in the case of yachting, this means finding what best suits your individual desires and expectations”.

Today Sacs Tecnorib joins the Monaco Yacht Show as a well-established company, with the mentality of an industry leader and a strength that enables it to deliver high-end Maxi Ribs that are appreciated the world over. But the way up to here has been a long one, a path made up of experiences that blend together, of daily work and of skilled workers who take their talents to the extreme in these models.

The path to get here has been long. – reiterates the Sales Director of Sacs Tecnorib – Sacs was founded in 1989, then acquired in 2004 by the Laserline group, and from there, thanks also to a series of collaborations with important brands in the automotive sector, such as Abarth, Ferrari and Jaguar, we have always tried to position the brand a little outside the traditional, exploring other worlds, always linked to luxury”.


All this has meant that the expectation created by the brand has also allowed us to approach very high-level customers with a product that meets their expectations. More and more customers are coming in with their own idea of style and colour, to the extreme of bespoke RAL, just as more and more owners want the tender to match the colour of their superyacht, to blend in with its style”.

I only had one question left to ask Andrea Loro, a much more personal one, but one whose answer I believe encapsulates much of the enthusiasm that oozes from his expression: ‘What does working at Sacs Tecnorib and being here in Monaco mean to you?’

” I am happy to be at Sacs. I am surrounded by young people who keep me young, pushing me to keep up. The nature of the product brings me face to face with a wonderful world, that of luxury, with case histories made up of really fascinating people and stories. This is an aspect that reaches its peak here in Monaco, which is also why we simply cannot miss it”.

On test. FIM 470 Regina: class, power and lots of light


I had been waiting a long time for testing the FIM 470 Regina, the latest addition to the magnificent collection of FIM – Fabbrica Italiana Motoscafi, and finally the day has come. I had already assimilated her beauty and innovations on paper, but when I saw her docked at the Marina di Varazze, I immediately realized that what I knew was just the tip of the iceberg.
Indeed, you can only perceive certain things by getting on board, exploring the spaces, putting your hands on the control console and facing the sea.  Every corner of this open sports yacht designed by
Paolo Ferragni is thought out in a modular manner. However, it is not enough to say that it is possible to modify the exterior and interior spaces as required, because this jewel is built to adapt to all needs, with the ultimate aim of providing the maximum living experience and leaving guests completely immersed in an elegant and refined atmosphere, where everything is intended to seduce and amaze.

And so it did. This yacht has completely enchanted me, and now I will tell you why.

fim 470 regina side view

The FIM 470 Regina in detail

I want to tell you about her as she appeared before my eyes. At 15.10 metres long and with a beam of 4.40 metres, her spaces are absolutely enviable. The stern cockpit is mechanized, raising and lowering as required: in one mode it is perfect for facilitating the launching or hauling of a tender or jet ski, revealing two retractable steps. But in an instant it lifts up to show its full extent, creating a single spacious central area that ensures maximum liveability.

Spaces are designed to be exploited to the full. The boat is designed to make the most of open air spaces, thanks to the moving stern and bow systems. The forward sundeck translates sideways to create a true beach area, a layout that the designers have dubbed “Bow Life”: by dividing the sun deck in half, a reinforced glass panel can be walked on, providing stunning light for one of the two owner’s cabins, a table can be added and turned into a dining area, and it can even be filled with water to create a small swimming pool… wonderful.

The aft cockpit can also be extended by means of a mechanism that divides the sundeck. This creates a spacious central area that is perfect for enjoying a relaxing day at sea, diving and lounging on the elegantly finished couches.

The helm station is spacious, modern, dominated by the black colour. I can’t wait to get my hands on the steering wheel, which is a piece of craftsmanship made especially for this boat, but I have to wait a little longer for that, first I want to get below deck.

fim-470-regina top viewTo call it bright is an understatement. Natural light pervades the two splendid owner’s cabins where large windows allow the sun’s rays to penetrate fully, illuminating the spaces and leaving a rarely found view of the sea.

The two owner’s cabins are to two junior suites filled with details of pure elegance, many of them designed by Liu Jo. In the main owner’s cabin, the double bed can be split in two and a reinforced glass on the bow opens up above your head, letting in plenty of natural light that joins that of the large side windows. We are talking about a four-metre room, so spacious that it feels like being in a 60-footer.

Both cabins have a ensuite head with shower, sanitary ware and elegant Nobili enamelled steel fittings. Every corner conceals a drawer, a hideaway wardrobe, and the look is never dull: the headboards of the beds are in hand-stitched Primo Fiore leather, the mattresses are of superlative quality and comfort, the lighting is all indirect LED, and each of the two rooms has its own climate control, as are the audio and video devices. All this is Full Domotics, meaning that everything is controllable from an app (but also with a classic interface): the icing on the cake of an open yacht that has definitely raised the bar.

Sea Trial

If the look has literally seduced me, resting my hands on the steering wheel sends a shiver down my spine. It is obvious that having something so exclusive in your hands leads you to treat it with the utmost attention, but I quickly overcome this reverential fear because I feel very comfortable: it is time to start the test of the FIM 470 Regina.

The sea conditions are quite tricky, with waves of about a metre and a half and a lot of wind: there are 12 of us on board including me. As we leave the marina and get familiar with the instruments, I look up and realize that there are six of us on the bridge, four seated and two standing.

We attack the sea, it’s really rough, but the hull is perfectly designed, it slices the wave in half decisively, limiting the inevitable bounce by quite a bit, and it does it constantly, one wave after another, so much so that I’m tempted to keep putting the throttles down.

The boat gets up awningon plane at about 12 knots and from there I speed up to cruising speed: the engine revs up to 2700, the speed is 26 knots and we are consuming about 155 l/h.

The boat is revealing all its sportiness. The two Volvo Penta IPS 800 engines with 600 hp each are giving me a tremendous boost, the hull does the rest. I turn slightly to port, take in the sea, and turn for a moment to see how the others on board with me are: from their faces they are really enjoying it, and so I decide that we can give ourselves one last thrill.

I turn sharply to starboard and put the throttles down a bit more, the Fim 470 Regina is touching 30 knots and the waves seem even higher than before: it’s almost a challenge, a fun challenge that gives everyone a thrill. Despite the wind and a few drops of rain, we are all amazed: no creaking, no vibration, no hesitation. What a beautiful boat!

Once ashore, I still have all the emotions of this dizzying hour at sea on me. I linger a moment longer to look at her, she is beautiful there is little to say. But that’s not all; she’s elegant and sporty at the same time, she’s gritty but attractive, she’s big, spacious without compromising her agility.

I realize that I have had a rare experience, from the front row moreover, and I think that next summer I would like to be nowhere else but on board this wonderful yacht.

















Data provided by Fim – Fabbrica Italiana Motoscafi: calm sea, no wind, 8 people and 50% fuel

Pearl 72 world premiered at FLIBS


It’s been about a year since the design was unveiled at the Cannes Yachting Festival in 2021, but now, on the other side of the world, at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show 2022, the Pearl 72 is a concrete reality: with a superb exterior design by Dixon Yacht Design and an interior design by Kelly Hoppen CBE, Pearl Yachts showed the exquisitely British style of its latest jewel to the public for the first time.

pearl 72 side viewExtremely spacious with its two ‘master’ cabins, one forward with a private entrance, typical of much larger yachts, and the second amidships, the new Pearl 72 has two further double en-suite cabins and crew accommodation, plus a garage of exceptional proportions with enough space for a William 345 tender (or similar) and a jet ski. Folding balconies at water level also create a beach club for those who like to spend time near the water, allowing owners to enjoy a splendid view even when moored in port.

Behind the innovation and superb seaworthiness that characterize Pearl Yachts are award-winning naval architect Bill Dixon, who worked on her aerodynamic lines, and world-renowned designer Kelly Hoppen CBE, who penned the interiors: a style that is constantly evolving, defined by a subtle fusion of clean lines and neutral tones, which has won him numerous prestigious awards. Pure British design, inside and out.

Lastly, the new Pearl 72 master cabinbrings another first on board: Kelly’s new ‘Indulgence’ interior design theme. The design intent of this yacht is to capture New York City urban life, combining the incredible mechanical characteristics that have been achieved with a range of materials including wood, stone and contrasting metal details that create enchanting reflections and luxurious tones that ideally blend her interior with the ocean.

I know I speak for each of us who has been involved in the Pearl 72 project when I say that it is an immensely satisfying moment to be relaxing under the Florida sun, surrounded by friends, with the finished product of all our efforts sparkling in front of us – said Pearl CEO Iain Smallridge The Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show was the perfect setting for the premiere, and highlights the growing significance of our American market, where we now have a well-established sales network through our Partners Atlantic Yacht & Ship, the east coast dealer and Jeff Brown Yachts, the west coast dealer.”

Pearl 72 – technical specs


21.99 m



Max Beam

5.75 m


1.70 m


Standard: 2x MAN V12 1400Hp; Optional: 2x MTU 10V2000 M96L 1600HP


48 tons

Top speed

32 kn





Guest Cabins


Crew Cabins




Main Compartments





Pearl Yachts

Exterior designer & concept

Dixon Yacht Design

Interior designer

Kelly Hoppen CBE

Design Category



Indulge yourself at “Pilot” Brooklyn’s chic champagne and oyster floating bar


Docked each summer season inside the lush and lively Brooklyn Bridge Park – Pilot is the vintage wooden schooner slash chic floating hotspot sure to sweep you off your feet and onboard at first sight. The Pier 6 promenade was not always home base for Pilot, nor was the classic craft anchored with an inviting marble oyster bar on the bow and chilled champagne and rose flowing all day from the nautical-inspired beverage bar to the stern.

Pilot oldPenned by W. Starling Burgess and perfected in form in 1924 by J.F. James and Sons Shipyard in Massachusetts, the double-masted maritime marvel has a remarkable story to tell and much to be proud of prior to her shipyard rescue and redecoration in recent years.

Originally purchased by the Boston Harbor Pilotage and put into service for over fifty years, the 147-footer crossed the world twice over, functioned as a research vessel, and most importantly, as a ferry for World War II soldiers.

pilot-oyster-bar-brooklynTo her credit, Pilot became the country’s longest-serving pilot ship in American history and 75 percent of the original fabric still remains intact.

The design concept of drinking, dining and unwinding on the water comes courtesy of the lifelong sailing brothers and their creative maritime-themed hospitality company, which also includes the 32,000-square-foot Island Oyster bar and beer garden on Governors Island.

Lobster fest

Sharing a passion for old boats and cold mollusks – the Pincus Brothers are bringing seaside shellfish back – by drawing inspiration from centuries past to the era when folks congregating and celebrating along the wharves eventually made their way onto the barges filled with frothy flowing beer and fresh shucked oysters. Albeit Pilot is an upscale revival, the irregularly-shaped, lemon-garnished gourmet goods are still being slurped up the same way.

As a rule, connoisseurs of the delicacy usually choose to pair their sustainably harvested summer favorite with beer, champagne or even a glass of Chablis, due to the fact, limestone soil from the region in France was found to contain oyster shells. And while experts tend to down them like ice-cold tequila shots, chewing is suggested to bring out the sweetness and savor the salty beach flavor. Apart from the oysters, Pilot’s concise menu options cater to the seafood crowd; other guest favorites include lobster rolls, scallop ceviche, and its signature New American Brooklyn cuisine soft shell crab po-boy.

NSS Group, all-round boating


In the month in which Europe’s most important boat shows are held, the NSS Group is particularly active with all its three divisions that make the company a unique reality in the boating industry in terms of completeness of services and activities. Founded and run by Simone Morelli, a retired Navy officer, NSS Group operates in the boat sales sector with NSS Yachting, in tourism with NSS Charter, and in berth management with Marina Cala dei Sardi.

NSS Yachting between Cannes and Genoa

Simone-MorelliThe NSS Yachting division participated in the Cannes Yachting Festival with the full range of Lagoon catamarans. Visitors had the opportunity to admire live the 42, the 46, the brand-new 51 and the 55, already presented last year at Cala dei Sardi, as well as the flagships Sixty5 and Seventy7. Moreover, for monohull lovers, NSS Yachting was also present at the Beneteau booth, where in addition to the Oceanis 34.1, 40.1, 46.1, 54 and 60, the new First 36 and 44, two boats with exciting performances, were on display.

As soon as the Cannes Yachting Festival is over, NSS Yachting is already looking at the Genoa Boat Show, from 22nd to 27th September, where the Lagoon range will be present with the new 51 and 55, while the Beneteau booth will still host the Oceanis 34.1, 40.1, 46.1 and the Oceanis Yacht range with the 54 and 60. The new First 44, Beneteau’s flagship performance model, will not be missing.

NSS Yachting is the result of a long experience gained in the boating sector, and more specifically in chartering and yachting management, which has led the company to establish itself also in the sales sector. Today NSS Yachting is the official dealer of the most prestigious shipyards and is the dealer of both Lagoon catamarans and Beneteau monohulls, sailing and motor-powered, as well as the importer for Italy of Highfield aluminium rigid keel inflatable boats. In 2019, 2020 and 2021 NSS Yachting won the Lagoon ‘Best European Dealer‘ award. The team of maritime professionals and brokers also deals with the purchase and sale of used boats worldwide and many sea and sailing-related services.

NSS Group’s activities

In addition to NSS NSS-YachtingYachting, the NSS Group also includes the NSS Charter division, the main company in the yacht charter sector in Sardinia, founded in 1998 and today a benchmark in the sector worldwide, thanks both to the professionalism of its staff and to the large and constantly growing number of yachts in its fleet.

NSS Charter has five bases in the Mediterranean: in Sardinia in the Marina di Cala dei Sardi, in Tuscany in the Marina di Cala de’ Medici, in Campania in the Marina d’Arechi, in Sicily in Portorosa, and in the Balearic Islands in Palma de Mallorca. Another base, dedicated to holidays in the months that are winter in Europe, is the Caribbean in Grenada. The NSS Charter fleet as a whole comprises over 130 sailing yachts (monohulls and catamarans) equipped with every comfort, making the group the leading charter company in Italy in terms of number of boats and service quality.

Last but not least, Marina Cala dei Sardi, a safe harbour located in the Gulf of Cugnana in Sardinia between Portisco and Porto Rotondo in the heart of the Costa Smeralda, an ideal strategic point for exploring Tavolara Island, the Maddalena Archipelago and southern Corsica. Easy to reach and only 16 km away from the Olbia-Costa Smeralda international airport and the port of Olbia, Cala dei Sardi provides guests with a large reserved car park, 140 berths from 6 to 60 metres, water and electricity supplied at the quay, and ashore toilets, wi-fi, a shuttle service to the supermarket and the guarantee of 24/7 surveillance.

Cala dei Sardi is not a common port, but rather a lounge immersed in nature: the evocative setting is characterized by Mediterranean vegetation, a true oasis of peace in which to relax and find a unique and exclusive contact with nature. Guests can enjoy ample green spaces and relaxation areas, as well as a comfortable floating solarium from which to dive into the crystal-clear waters of the cove.