Nimbus Group strongly targets the American market


Nimbus Group FLIBSWith more than 1,000 exhibitors and 100,000 visitors from all over the world, the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show is the largest in-water boat show in the world, an unmissable occasion also for Nimbus Group, which has chosen it as its showcase: represented by its four North American dealers, Nimbus has thus stressed its intention to focus increasingly on the American market.

Alongside the North American team of the Nimbus Group were also the company‘s CMO, Michael Bohm, and the branding team under the management of Brand Manager Jonas Göthberg, as well as of course the best of the Nimbus line, consisting of the T11, T9 and T8, of the popular tender series, in addition to the best seller Nimbus 365 coupé.

A clear choice that highlights how vital the US market has now become for the Group, which sees increasing its presence and sales in North America as key to the company’s growth strategy.

With this in mind,

Jonas Göthberg –Nimbus Group Brand Manager
Jonas Göthberg –Nimbus Group Brand Manager

Nimbus has recently recruited Justin Joyner to its team as its new Vice President of North American Operations, a leading industry personality with solid experience in the North American powerboat market, accumulated over several years spent as Powerboat Manager in North America for French boat manufacturer Beneteau.

Nimbus Group has a lot to offer the American market and I am looking forward to having the opportunity to represent both the company and its amazing products for the first time in Florida,” said Justin Joyner during the event, which also featured the opening of a new office in Annapolis, Maryland, on the US East Coast.

In short, the course is set for Nimbus Group, which is aiming at America with great enthusiasm and with the intention of expanding its market and continuing the success story that began in Sweden back in 1968.

Nimbus W9X: the weekender/ commuter on test


Nimbus W9X: the all-season weekender

Nimbus has always offered excellent, multi-purpose boats, and this time it seems to have outdone itself. With the W9X, the Scandinavian yard offers a compact weekender that still provides all the comforts for a day trip and, why not, for a few more days. In fact, this 9-metre boat, in the “full canopy” version tested by us, is an invitation to stay on board and enjoy every moment, from sunrise to sunset and during the night with the right equipment.

Nimbus W9X Sea Trial

It is a very windy morning at Nimbus-W9X-underwaythe Marina di Varazze and the Nimbus W9X is ready to be transferred to its berth for the 62nd Genoa International Boat Show. We arrive and immediately recognize the unmistakable Nimbus DNA, climb aboard and cast off. On leaving the harbour, we immediately notice that the sea conditions are not the best and the swell was really annoying.

When I went around the boat to remove the fenders, I didn’t have the slightest difficulty thanks to the presence of the handrails, positioned in such a way as to be reached without too many problems even by those who are a little taller than average. Thanks to the ultra convenient Zip Wake, we adjust the boat trim and we are ready to start our test and, above all, have fun. Yes, because this particular model is powered by a Mercury 300 outboard, which promises excellent performance and fuel efficiency. If, at this point, you are a little hesitant, let me reassure you: the top speed we managed to achieve (remembering that the boat was fully loaded) was 39.1 knots.

Mercury-300I ask the helmsman to proceed step by step to collect the usual, but never predictable, navigation data. So I take out my classic notebook, and put everything on a chart. Having finished the ‘boring’ part, I raise my head and think that while I was writing, I was not struggling at all, and the boat was quietly and smoothly passing through the waves without hesitation. At this point I take the controls and, given the confidence that the Nimbus W9X had conveyed to me, I immediately start to accelerate decisively. At just 9.8 knots, the weekender gets up on plane and, like a car driving on freshly made asphalt, we glide over the water until we reach a top speed of 39 knots, without the boat emitting the slightest creak, a symptom of a carefully crafted construction process.

I didn’t want to believe the perfection of this hull, ‘it must have had a weak point’, I thought to myself. I decided to take it as a challenge, warned those on board to hold on, and began to make some timid turns to see how the W9X reacted. Not content, I turn all the rudder to the left, then all the way to the right and create a perfect 8 on the water. Nothing, no matter how much I wanted to take the boat to the limit, it remained flawless, always gliding smoothly even tacking and counter-turning suddenly at high speeds.

What’s more, the others on board were quietly talking and laughing during all these manoeuvres. So I decide, with a big smile on my face, to give up, slowly stop the boat and hand over the controls to a colleague. Back in place, I take out my notebook and write down my first impressions while driving: fun, comfortable and safe.


The Nimbus W9X in detail

The stern section house an L-shaped sofa with a folding coffee table, which offers space for several people, also thanks to the small sofa behind the steering position. Here, there is a very important point to be made: when folded, the coffee table leaves a handle exposed, which is useful as a handrail. To the left, we find a small kitchen, perfect for preparing the necessities for a weekend away. In the bow, accessible via the starboard side passage, there is a large sundeck. Below deck, a comfortable cabin with its private head.

side-deckWPX kitchen


The Nimbus W9X is the perfect solution for those who want to enjoy their boat all year round. Thanks to the ingenious design of the “full canopy” version, you will also be able to stay protected when you need to and open everything up when it is hot.

In short, if you are looking for a commuter, but don’t want ‘just’ a commuter, the Nimbus W9X is the ideal boat for you.

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