TecnoRib is once again a BOB finalist with the Pirelli 50


At the top of the rankings, and for the third time, of the prestigious Best Of Boats Award is Tecnorib, this time competing with the Pirelli 50. The Tecnorib flagship, which recently became Sacs Tecnorib, licensee of the Pirelli and P. brands for inflatable boats, won a place among the finalists for the Best For Fun category.

The most coveted award of the leading nautical players has only twice been given to maxi-ribs and both times it was for Tecnorib models from the Walkarounds range.

Once again the Tecnorib-PIRELLI-50jury has chosen a boat with extremely high-quality design, habitability and performance features. In fact, with a length of 15 metres and a top speed of 50 knots, the Pirelli 50 confirms everyone’s expectations and even exceeds them. Tecnorib is synonymous with excellent performance and advanced technology in the nautical world, but with the Pirelli 50, there is more. More specifically: this Pirelli Maxi-Rib was designed by the Mannfelt Design team who combined the sportiness of a Rib with the elegance of yachts, creating a masterpiece of sobriety, style and performance. What is amazing is that not only the technological and naval part has been carefully thought out to provide the ultimate experience for the owner, but also the interior has been thought through down to the last detail. Conceived as a luxury vessel, it has been designed to provide maximum liveability and comfort on board, favouring open spaces from the stern to the forward cabin with the elegance and taste typical of much larger vessels. Remarkable stability when underway, comfort on deck and the possibility of walking freely between the stern and bow thanks to a convincing walkaround deck make this Pirelli 50 one of the best Maxi-Ribs in its category.

This announcement both confirms the industrial growth on which Tecnorib has been focused heavily in recent years and celebrates the expansion of a category that is garnering increasing attention in the boating industry, with a significant increase in demands and sales. Sacs Tecnorib convinces and conquers, not only owners and enthusiasts, but also the BOB Award jury, hoping that it will do so to the end by winning that prestigious award.



Tecnorib at the Genoa Boat Show with three jaw-dropping boats


Tecnorib models, from the entry level to the most equipped one, will be on display and available for sea trials

For TecnoRib, the official licensee of the Pirelli brands for inflatable boats, 2022 is definitely a year of news. With the recent merger in December 2021, in which it joined forces with Sacs, thus becoming Sacs TecnoRib, it has created one of the largest producers of maxi rib and superboats in Italy.

At the Genoa Boat Show, which will take place from 22 to 27 September, the visitors of the Tecnorib booth will have the opportunity to admire this year’s flagship models.

Let’s see them in detail:

Pirelli 50Novelty number one: after the huge success at the Cannes Yachting Festival, the top jewel, the super-equipped PIRELLI 50, will be presented for the first time in Italian waters.

The most developed model to date, both in terms of performance and design, it is capable of giving the best driving sensation ever experienced.

There will be two models on display: one at the Sacs TecnoRibs booth with complete fittings and Mercury outboards of 600 hp each, the other, more basic, at the Mercury Marine booth at quay A.

It definitely deserves the number one spot in the Walkarounds line, for its ample exterior space, both fore and aft, and for the comfortable and elegant living quarters below deck featuring a dinette with double cabin and a refined head. It is not only beautiful, it is also extremely high-performance, with an impressive grip on the water and a raised helm station equipped with comfortable seating.

Customizable with different engine options, it offers days of relaxation and fun thanks to the large sunbathing area and the high level of comfort on board without giving up the thrill of ploughing through the waters at a truly impressive speed.

Novelty number two: Tenorib-Pirelli-42it was the first model to be launched, almost three years ago: the PIRELLI 42.

Thanks to a single central block that incorporates the sundeck, it guarantees maximum freedom of movement on board, enjoying time at sea with the solarium, both fore and aft, and thanks also to the living area, with its sofa and dining table. What’s more, the lower deck offers a convertible dinette and a lovely head, all in modern style and harmonious design. Like the previous model, this one too can be customised and various engines can be installed. The one on display at the show will have twin Mercury outboard engines, 450 hp each.

Two doesn’t come without three, and here is the latest newcomer of the year from Sacs TecnoRib: the PIRELLI 35

Tecnorib-Pirelli-35It is the entry-level model, already the winner of the Red Dot Design Award 2022, a prestigious international prize awarded by a jury of 50 design experts. There is no doubt about it, it is definitely a masterpiece of design and functionality. 

The model on display at the Genoa Boat Show will be powered by a two engines, 300 hp each, but it will be customisable, with sterdrive propulsion available as well. The performance is high, the quality and comfort exceed all expectations, and the incredible stability on the water in different weather conditions is amazing.

Below deck, the owner can enjoy a convertible dinette and a head on request, while the helm station is comfortable and sheltered, usable in all conditions.

These three inflatable boats, designed for a wide range of owners, are suitable for versatile use, guaranteeing excellent performance and dreamy design. The only thing left for you to do is to test them at sea: at the Sacs TecnoRib H209 booth, it will be possible to carry out sea trials with each of these little gems.

There is little to say in the face of these results, when design meets performance there is no history… and here, we can say it, rubber makes a difference.