Monaco Yacht Show

Sacs Tecnorib sweeps the board at Monaco Yacht Show


For the third year running Sacs Tecnorib, the brand that has set new trends in the industry by inaugurating the Maxi Rib era, was the protagonist of the ‘chase boats’ segment at the Monaco Yacht Show, a unique opportunity to showcase a range that seems to fit the needs of this sector perfectly.

Monaco is the Superyacht Show. andrea loroThe concentration of skippers and owners is unique in the world, and for Sacs Tecnorib the percentage of owners using our products as Chase Boats is great, – Andrea Loro, Sales Director at Sacs Tecnorib, told us during the event – So the fact that we are here in such a strategic location also gives us excellent potential. This is the third year that we have been in this situation with our booth and we have always achieved excellent results“.

Montecarlo is certainly the ideal place to meet owners, gather important information also for future developments and live the experience to the full, following, among other things, a concept that Sacs knows well and that has a name all its own: the Sacs Experience.

Sacs Experience goes hand in hand with the market. – continues Andrea Loro – While 10 years ago customers were looking for a specific product, today we sell an experience instead.

Sales are very cross-sectional, the customer is looking for a product in which he or she recognizes himself or herself: beautiful, stylish, and guaranteeing a complete on-board experience with ample sunbathing spaces combined with shaded relaxation areas where he or she can listen to music, have a cool drink, and spend quality time with loved ones and friends. The brand, of course, is also important, with its reputation and product type, but in the end it is always the aesthetic taste that drives.

sacs-rebel-40So the fact that we have launched this Rebel line, which is a sort of middle ground between our core business, i.e. the maxi tender/maxi RIB of which we are world leaders, and a more traditional boat, has brought many customers closer to the space and comfort of a luxury boat, but with an ‘aggressive RIB’ aspect.

This has decreed the success of the Rebel range, which was born in 2017 and already boasts three models, with the fourth on the way.

Today experience is sold as I said. To make a comparison it’s like buying a dress that you like, you look for something that looks good; well, in the case of yachting, this means finding what best suits your individual desires and expectations”.

Today Sacs Tecnorib joins the Monaco Yacht Show as a well-established company, with the mentality of an industry leader and a strength that enables it to deliver high-end Maxi Ribs that are appreciated the world over. But the way up to here has been a long one, a path made up of experiences that blend together, of daily work and of skilled workers who take their talents to the extreme in these models.

The path to get here has been long. – reiterates the Sales Director of Sacs Tecnorib – Sacs was founded in 1989, then acquired in 2004 by the Laserline group, and from there, thanks also to a series of collaborations with important brands in the automotive sector, such as Abarth, Ferrari and Jaguar, we have always tried to position the brand a little outside the traditional, exploring other worlds, always linked to luxury”.


All this has meant that the expectation created by the brand has also allowed us to approach very high-level customers with a product that meets their expectations. More and more customers are coming in with their own idea of style and colour, to the extreme of bespoke RAL, just as more and more owners want the tender to match the colour of their superyacht, to blend in with its style”.

I only had one question left to ask Andrea Loro, a much more personal one, but one whose answer I believe encapsulates much of the enthusiasm that oozes from his expression: ‘What does working at Sacs Tecnorib and being here in Monaco mean to you?’

” I am happy to be at Sacs. I am surrounded by young people who keep me young, pushing me to keep up. The nature of the product brings me face to face with a wonderful world, that of luxury, with case histories made up of really fascinating people and stories. This is an aspect that reaches its peak here in Monaco, which is also why we simply cannot miss it”.

New Benetti Triumph 65M delivered at the Monaco Yacht Show: here is the classic of the future


An imposing, sleek yacht with sophisticated lines and first-class comfort: this is the new Benetti jewel

Benetti’s masterpiece has become reality.

Presented at the MonacoYacht Show, the newly launched megayacht, the FB270 Triumph 65M, has just been delivered to its owner. A model with an unmistakable white colour, with soft, streamlined external lines created by yacht designer Giorgio Cassetta, completing the naval work designed by Benetti. The magnificent and elegant interiors, on the other hand, are by Benetti’s style office, which collaborated with the Green & Mingarelli Design studio taking care of all the fittings and furnishing details.

Six decks, an aluminium superstructure, a steel 65.40 metre long hull overall, a sauna, a fully equipped gym, a massage room, a Jacuzzi and a 70 square metre beach club, plus a folding platform for the helicopter, positioned at the bow.

Much more than just a boat, Triumph is synonymous with luxury, sophistication and comfort. From the layout and width of the spaces, the privacy guaranteed by the division of the guest areas from those of the crew, to many other details that make a difference… this is the Benetti Triumph 65M.

benetti triumph 65m top viewLet’s take a closer look at this majestic model.

Starting from the bottom, the Lower Deck offers a comfortable space of about 70 square metres, providing immediate access to the sea. Amidships, the sleeping area consists of 4 cabins that can accommodate up to 8 guests, with all the comfort and privacy possible because they are separated from the cabins and areas in the bow, exclusively reserved for the crew.

The Main Deck has a well-protected cockpit, where there are comfortable sofas and tables to enjoy convivial moments on board in maximum comfort. A large saloon has been created amidships, dominated by large windows and modern LEDs on the ceiling, offering a minimal and elegant living/relaxing area for all guests.

Moreover, on the Main Deck Benetti’s designers have reserved a VIP cabin for a special couple of guests that offers a wide sea view.

The Upper Deck, on the other hand, is entirely reserved for the owner, a true custom flat that dominates the entire yacht. The owner’s cabin alone occupies a space of 130 square metres, the Sky Lounge is perfectly consistent with the fittings throughout the yacht and enjoys ample space, with an incredible sea view.

What’s more, triumph-interiorthe Sun Deck is surprising, equipped with a Jacuzzi, sunbathing seats and a table that can seat up to ten people and which, thanks to the wind barriers, can also be used while underway.

The Benetti Triumph is therefore a majestic but sleek custom yacht that conceals the essence of the company behind it: elegance, refined design but above all convenience, usability and comfort for the owner and his guests. The shipyard’s vision has always dominated the creation of these yachts; they are perfectly balanced between large volumes and large windows that open up the rooms, make them bright and almost make you forget you are on a ship.

The classic of the future has arrived, been built and delivered. Made to stand the test of time while maintaining its charm and functionality, it is a classic masterpiece in true Benetti style.

Benetti Yachts presents new projects at the Monaco Yacht Show


Benetti Yachts evolves the B.Century family and launches the innovative 85M “Project ORO”. Several collaborations with established international naval design and architecture studios are planned. The calendar of the launches is complete, as are the deliveries of the new models.

The evolution of Benetti Yachts, new B.Now and B.Century designs

At the 31st Monaco Yacht Show, Benetti Yachts presented its future strategy, based on tradition, innovation and engineering, thanks also to collaboration with international naval design and architecture studios.

The investments made over the last few years are bearing fruit, as Marco Valle, CEO of the Azimut|Benetti Group, confirms: “Almost a month after the start of the new yachting season, a record-breaking 23 launches are planned, almost two a month. The prospects for the future are very positive: we began in September with the launch of a 50m B. Now and will conclude in August with the launch of a 68m B.Century. The order backlog is trending upwards, with new model deliveries planned until 2027”.

The B.Now and B.Century families available with traditional, hybrid or diesel electric propulsion. Azimut|Benetti has been committed to the development of different types of propulsion for more than 10 years, supporting the reduction of environmental impact, for an increasingly sustainable boating industry.

B.Now, spaces connected with the sea

Benetti-Yachts-B.Now-60MThe Monaco Yacht Show was the occasion for the world premiere of the Irynna B.Now 50M, a motor yacht presented by Sebastiano Fanizza, Benetti’s Chief Commercial Officer, together with the B.Now 60M and the new B.Now 67M OASIS.

These new models join the family composed of the 50, 60, 67 and 72M and have become one of Benetti‘s bestsellers, thanks to the 20 units already sold.

Sinot Yacht Architecture & Design, through the testimony of Paul Costerus, Senior Yacht Designer & Manager, traced the lines of the interiors that distinguish the B.Now 67M Oasis in concept and size.

Interiors and exteriors have a continuity, highlighted by the sliding windows on the main deck and the large windows.

The construction process of the new B.Now 60M was described by Andrew Collett, RWD Project Manager. The lines enhance the Oasis Deck solution by favouring the use of natural light and a continuity with the sea. The interior and exterior spaces can be redefined into new hospitality destinations, according to the needs of the owner and his guests, for a dynamic and informal, yet elegant and refined life on board.

B.Century, bespoke solutions

The new additions B.Century-75Mto the B.Century family, developed in cooperation with Cassetta Yacht Designers, were presented by Sebastiano Fanizza.

Created in the wake of the success of the multi-award-winning Triumph (65 m) – premiered at the Monaco Yacht Show – Metis (63 m), Zazou (65 m) and Calex (67 m), the B. Century family includes five custom yachts designed from an engineered platform. Century family includes custom yachts built from an engineered platform that has been enriched with no less than five models designed to offer unique solutions, distinguished by their distinctive aesthetics: two 55-metre designs, one with a generous Sun Deck open on all sides, and the other with the Upper Deck transformed into an Owner Deck with a bow master suite and private terrace.

A 62-metre yacht with unbeatable content, a rational and elegant 68-metre yacht and a 75-metre yacht that introduces new layout concepts, such as the unprecedented Pool Club and Sea Club solution conceived on two different levels. Each yacht is unique in terms of stylistic innovation, layout and on-board concept. “A distinctive feature is the formal cleanliness of the continuous signs that describe the yachts’ shapes, the flow of lines runs uninterrupted describing volumes that unmistakably express Benetti’s stylistic identity“.

Benetti Project Oro, luxury and sustainability

‘Project ORO’ is a design dedicated to yachts over 80 metres, using the most modern propulsion technology and minimizing dimensional impact.
During the development of “Project ORO,” says Giorgio M. Cassetta, “we wanted to seize the opportunity to express numerous innovative concepts, aspiring to bring them together in a unique yacht. By developing a language of style featuring great visual purity and strong characterization of the main masses, and by renouncing the criteria of civil architecture in favour of a freer and more fluid approach, we have tried to propel the project into an attainable future. We hope the bold content recognises a series of desires that customers in this size range frequently express and are unlikely to have found fulfilled by the boats they have looked at so far”.