Naval Tecno Sud Boat Stand at METSTRADE

Naval Tecno Sud
Naval Tecno Sud

Naval Tecno Sud will join the METSTRADE Amsterdam with four exclusive premieres.

Just a few days to go before the opening of METSTRADE in Amsterdam, the world’s largest trade fair for professionals in the yachting equipment sector. This eagerly awaited event, which will take place between 15 and 17 November 2022, will see the participation of the biggest brands, including Naval Tecno Sud: a company specializing in the design and marketing of CE-certified boating products.

Active for more than ten years, the Italian company founded by its owner, Roberto Spadavecchia, constantly builds and innovates accessories for shipyards around the world. In fact, Naval Tecno Sud’s products are known and appreciated worldwide, also thanks to the commitment and perseverance shown by the president and his team, who assiduously participate in the various sector exhibitions.

This has naval-tecno-sud-productsallowed the company to expand its field of action and sell abroad, although most of its products are sold in Europe. 60% of production is sold in the EU, of which half, 30 per cent, is sold in Italy alone, while the remaining 40% is bought in America, Australia and other smaller countries.

The METS Amsterdam is an unmissable appointment for the company, which invests and develops ever more innovative products for the storage and transport of boats in shipyards. All of their products are CE-certified and their materials are of the highest quality. They also boast an ironworks certificate attesting to the quality of the product and its mechanical properties.

Roberto Spadavecchia started the company by following a new line compared to what had been seen in the past: he tried to renew all the polluting equipment that was used in the harbour to support and work the hulls of even very large boats. Gradually it replaced them with quality products to guarantee the safety of the workers, while also making the yard itself cleaner and more sustainable. According to these principles, the company develops above all cradles, fixed and adjustable heels and trailers for large boats, both motor and sailing, and these are the company’s best-selling products.

naval-tecno-sud-metsMETS is therefore an annual opportunity for Naval Tecno Sud to demonstrate and sell, not only more sustainable products, but also certified products to protect operators and ensure they work safely.  The company’s booth will be located at 05.806 in Hall 5 – Marine & Yard Pavilion.

Four exclusive premieres involving mega-yacht accessories, in constant demand at Naval Tecno Sud, will be presented this year. The products unveiled for the first time at METS will be: vertical cradles, fixed heels for the keel, adjustable double-telescoping heels for motor-powered megayachts, and a transportable cradle for sailing megayachts.

These products are all fundamental and important for a shipyard that has to store or do work on large vessels, and the choice to present them precisely at METSTRADE Amsterdam is not accidental, but a strategic choice, as owner Roberto Spadavecchia also confirms:

“We have been attending METS for ten years, ever since the company was born, because we make accessories and products for boatyards and METS is the most specialized event in the world for this. While the other exhibitions have both boats and accessories, METS is only accessories, so visitors are usually the shipyards who are interested in buying our products.

All the other exhibitions are divided between boats and accessories, so the audience is divided between: the family with children who maybe go to look at the boats and the people who come for the accessories. METS, on the other hand, being also a midweek event, without taking up any weekends, sees the presence only of sector operators, so it is much more concentrated and specialized in what we make.”

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